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Bra Wars


An exciting lingerie documentary has arrived on Amazon Prime!

Bra Wars documents Hollywood's affair with the bra. It's a light and entertaining film, featuring everything from 1920's breast suppressing bandeau bras and the bullet bras of the 50's to present day tech-enhanced creations.

The perfect weekend watch for any lingerie enthusiast!



Bra Wars discovers the exciting interactions between Hollywood's dream factory and the item of clothing.

The item of clothing, which mainly shapes the image of females today, is the bra. A bra is a phantasm, a promise of what is underneath. Hollywood's dream factory knew how to profit from this promise. They created individual lingerie for their movie goddesses and presented it publicly at its best. Divas became role models and the lingerie items became drafts for mass production.

Bra Wars features fashion designers like Jean Paul Gaultier, Chantal Thomass and Poupie Cadolle, actresses like Debi Mazar ("Batman Forever"), actors like Stephen Dorff ("Somewhere") and Michael Madsen ("Kill Bill"), models like Eva Padberg, pornstars like Cicciolina and Kitten Natividad, Authors and Film Historians like Camille Paglia and James Hosney and legendary directors like Russ Meyer.

The documentary is about the cross relation of lingerie, pop and movies and discusses lingerie, bras and sexy outfits as a symbol of female sexuality and how it is used, perceived and shown in the movies.

It is explored through both modern and traditional lenses and discussed as an empowering, dis-powering and controlling tool for both sexes. Examples from Louise Brooks, Jayne Mansfield, Marilyn Monroe, Marlene Dietrich, Madonna, Nicole Kidman and others are shown in interviews with film directors, actresses, artists and film historians.



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