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Designer Profile: Six




is a modern underwear brand for women who don’t want to compromise their style or self-identity through pregnancy and motherhood. The range balances the need for function and practicality with a considered contemporary aesthetic.

Designed and founded by Kate Anians, former La Perla, Coco De Mer and Myla designer. The brand infuses her 14 years of design and technical knowledge with her personal ethics and experiences of modern motherhood. 






Is there a story behind the name?

The name Six came from my own personal experience of pregnancy. When I reached six months into my pregnancy there was no hiding the fact that I was pregnant, and therefore needed to adapt my wardrobe to accommodate my growing baby and body. Six months is also a really crucial point in your pregnancy as you are coming to the end of your second trimester and entering the third trimester – the home stretch! Another important aspect in the name choice and the brand identity was that I really didn’t want the brand didn’t look like a maternity brand – it needed to be something simple and modern – Six was a perfect fit for this.


What inspired you to launch your own label of maternity lingerie?

When I was pregnant with my Son and encountered the maternity section in the lingerie department and saw what was on offer! I really wanted to buy something clean-lined, modern and made in beautiful fabric that was representative of the underwear that I wore pre pregnancy. There just wasn’t anything available and I knew I couldn’t be the only one out there with this problem. Starting my own brand isn’t something that I have ever envisaged doing. But when I saw the gap in the market for modern maternity underwear I was really inspired and driven to create something to fill this gap and offer a much needed alternative to what was available on the market.


Are there any celebrities you feel would be the perfect brand ambassador for Six Studio and why?

The women I would see as perfect brand ambassadors for Six would be strong inspiring women with a great sense of style and self identity who have all looked amazing through their pregnancies such as Pernille Teisbeak, Miroslava Duma, Natasha Goldenberg and Marion Cotillard.


Were there any hurdles when designing maternity lingerie as opposed to everyday lingerie?

There are lots of hurdles when designing lingerie in general, this is one of the things that I love about being a lingerie designer as the garments need to be functional as well as aesthetically desirable. The functionality and practicality needed for maternity lingerie is even more specific and added to that is the fact that a lot of women feel very self-conscious during pregnancy as their bodies change so much. I have addressed all of these issues to ensure that the Six bras are as supportive and comfortable as possible as well as being something that women want to wear and feel good in. All of the garments have the Brand label and care instructions printed directly onto the fabric to ensure there are no itchy labels against the skin, the bras all have 4 hook deep size adjusters to allow for fluctuation in your underband size during and after pregnancy.

I also really wanted to offer an alternative to the traditional drop down nursing cups so designed the Florence crop top style that has pull to the side cups for nursing which is really practical for night feeds.


What materials do you use and why?

Using premium fabrics for Six was a really important aspect of the brand for me. The products available on the maternity market generally use cheaper fabrics and are produced in Asia. No other brands were using good quality fabrics or producing in Europe. Comfort is key in maternity garments so using Italian jersey and French leavers lace ensures that the collection is soft to wear against the skin and comfortable as well as being functional and supportive.


Tell me about your jersey collection?

The jersey pieces are a collection of styles that are essential to your pregnancy and nursing wardrobe. They are designed to grow with you during your pregnancy in flattering lengths to cover your bump and have none of the typical ruching, gathering or wrap details often seen on  maternity wear. They are modern, refined and made in super soft Cotton Lyocel jersey. One of the jersey pieces is a tank dress with a discrete nursing panel and pull to the side cups inside the garment. I really missed being able to wear a dress when I was breastfeeding so designing a solution for this to be part of the collection was really important to me. One piece dressing is a must when you are too sleep deprived to make wise outfit decisions!! I really see this as an area that we will expand into as the brand grows.



What sizes do you carry? Can you explain how your sizing works?

All of the bras in the collection are sized Small Medium and Large. This is to accommodate the fluctuation in a woman's size during her pregnancy during each trimester.

I decided to take this approach to sizing from my own and other people’s experience of having to buy multiple bras in different sizes during their pregnancy due to their shape and size changing.Our bras are all sized generously in the cups using stretch fabrics to allow room for growth during the various stages of pregnancy. All of the bras with back fastenings have 4 hook size options to allow women to wear the bra on the loosest hook whilst pregnant and then gradually tighten the size after pregnancy as their body returns to its normal size. The first few weeks after pregnancy when your milk first comes in is the most drastic and uncomfortable change a woman will see in her size but this settles after a few weeks as feeding is established and then by around 6 weeks postpartum your size will have settled and reduced further.




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Luxuriously comfortable and beautiful maternity lingerie for modern mums...maternity-shoot-tabby-richards-lingerie-la-femme-pregnancy-02Second skin nursing bra and knickers by AMORALIAmaternity-shoot-tabby-richards-lingerie-la-femme-pregnancy-07maternity-shoot-tabby-richards-lingerie-la-femme-pregnancy-08Luna padded nursing bra and knickers by AMORALIAmaternity-shoot-tabby-richards-lingerie-la-femme-pregnancy-03Grace underwired nursing bra by LORNA DREWmaternity-shoot-tabby-richards-lingerie-la-femme-pregnancy-06maternity-shoot-tabby-richards-lingerie-la-femme-pregnancy-05Rockhopper Penguin shoulder maternity bra and knickers by MIMI HOLLIDAYmaternity-shoot-tabby-richards-lingerie-la-femme-pregnancy-10Peacock silk satin classic maternity bra and knickers by MIMI HOLLIDAYmaternity-shoot-tabby-richards-lingerie-la-femme-pregnancy-12maternity-shoot-tabby-richards-lingerie-la-femme-pregnancy-09maternity-shoot-tabby-richards-lingerie-la-femme-pregnancy-04Lovebird silk satin maternity bra and knickers by MIMI HOLLIDAY