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Intimate Experiments


Do you ever dream of a world where you have a lingerie solution for every conceivable outfit and occasion?

Me too.

Unfortunately building the perfect lingerie wardrobe takes a lot of time, trial and error. There is no easy route or quick fix to underwear utopia.

Apparently there are seven different types of breasts and there are countless body shapes and size combinations. What may work for one woman may not work for you. There's no avoiding it - in order find the perfect underpinnings to suit your shape, size and lifestyle you need to be open to experimentation.

The results can vary - sometimes you find a life-enhancing bra or a game-changing ensemble but sometimes you end up with a yeast infection or a pair Spanx so tight they cause indigestion.

It's just an awkward, often embarrassing and sometimes liberating part of life's journey and there is nothing we love more than watching these very real, honest and funny experiments on Youtube.



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Jessica is a new full-time model from Brighton. She is self-confessed hippy who loves to promote peace and self-acceptance. Here she shares her individual style, most coveted lingerie and love of gemstones...

Hi Jessica, tell me about yourself:

Hi, I'm 18yrs old and represented by Storm Models. I love acting, psychology and yoga. I studied psychology at college. I've always loved acting so am so happy to be able to do acting auditions through Storm. I've have been full time modelling since July, it’s all very exciting its going really well. I’m already working with clients such as ASOS, New Look etc. I was scouted by Storm at a festival when I was 14yrs old which was the most surreal experience as I'd never thought about modelling.


How would you describe your style?

I am a definite hippy! I love big patterned harem pants,  loads of wooden jewellery and gemstone rings. I like to wear Free People clothing as it is so well made and definitely reflects my style - although I get most of my clothes from either Camden Market or the Laines in Brighton. I love jewellery too, my favourite ring is a silver band with a Moldovite stone set in it from Two Feathers in Brighton. I like gemstones because of all the different meanings they can have - Moldovite especially. I also make my own jewellery and I've just got the hang of making earrings.


Would you say your lingerie fits into you that style or do you like to express yourself differently or experiment underneath?

It's hard to find lingerie which really matches my general style so usually I just go for things that are simple, lacy and make me feel good. I generally shop for underwear in Urban Outfitters and H&M and have got my eye on a set from "For Love and Lemons" too!!

 What’s your favourite set of lingerie and why?

My favourite set is one I bought really recently from H&M, I love it because it's perfect for me in the way that it's comfortable and has really lovely back detail.


How would you describe you body image?

I have always been body confident. I think it's important to look after your health; I love yoga, swimming.


Are there any words of wisdom you like to live your life by?

My mum always told me to trust your instincts so I definitely live by that! Lingerie-la-femme-la-vie-en-lingerie-jessica-towner-storm-models-underwear-victorias-secret-02





Shareefa is an full-time curve model, actress and singer. She has worked with many brands such as ASOS, Simply Be, Curvissa and posed for the now famous Swimsuits for All Calendar. Here she shares her views on body image, her love for Victoria's Secret and her lingerie pet peeves...La-Vie-Bike-Nicks_193web

Hi Shareefa, tell me about yourself -

I am a Curve model, originally from Norwich but I’m now living in London. About three years ago I went through a phase where I kept getting approached by photographers and modelling agents and also strangers on the street who were telling me I should model, so eventually I approached an agency and they signed me on the day and I have been modelling ever since.


How would you describe your style?

I would say I’m pretty flexible with my style; I don’t tend to stick with just one image or a particular colour palette. I love trying on different fabrics and shapes and finding out what suit me the most. At the moment I’m wearing a lot of shift dresses, I pair them with sandals and a hat for a really simple summer look.


Would you say your lingerie fits into you that style or do you like to express yourself differently or experiment underneath?

I experiment a lot with my outer-wear and I always select my underwear very carefully around my outfits so, yes, I would say its in-keeping with my style. I tend to buy new lingerie most months so I have quite a big collection! I have a real pet peeve for bra straps showing and wearing the wrong shape knickers with jeans so I have just about every style to suit whatever I’m wearing. I have this really handy bra converter; it helps hide your straps when wearing racer back tops.


What are your favourite fashion and lingerie designers/ brands?

My Favourite fashion designer is Chanel, I would shop there everyday if I could. For my lingerie, my number one brand has got to be Victoria's Secret. For me the fit is amazing and I think it's really important to have your lingerie fitting correctly - it really helps me to feel body confident when I know I'm supported!


What’s your favourite set of lingerie and why?

I love to mix and match my undies so It's hard to pick just one set! While I don't think you can go wrong with sexy and sophisticated black lace, right now I would have to pick my bright pink bralette from Victoria’s Secret. The colour is amazing!


What’s is your worst ever lingerie purchase?

The worst set of underwear I have ever purchased has to be when I was travelling abroad and forgot to pack any underwear in my suitcase so I ran into H&M and picked up the nearest pair I could find, when I arrived at the hotel and opened up the packet I realised I had bought kids undies aged six years!


How would you describe your body image?

I am very comfortable with my body; I embrace my curves, cellulite, stretch marks and all the things that society is forever telling us to hide as women! I think health is the most important thing. I am really into my nutrition and I have a vegetable juice or smoothie everyday and avoid high sugar and processed food. I go to the gym and practice yoga so I know I'm healthy and my body is how it's supposed to be.



Have you always been happy with your body?

I grew up as a chubby kid I was always teased about my size, but as I grew into my body I learned to appreciate my curves and now I wouldn't change them for the world.



Are there any words of wisdom you like to live your life by?

Be yourself because everybody else is taken.





Lingerie-la-femme-black-lace-halterneck-bra-victorias-secret-agent-p-get-the-look-02webFREE PEOPLE | ELOMI AT NAVABI | HANKY PANKYShareefa-model-on-instagram-web




Anna is a lingerie and fitness model who has worked with a variety of brands from the much coveted Gilda & Pearl to the world renowned Rigby & Peller. An ex-swimmer turned lingerie model, Anna has also launched her own swimwear label Beach Heart.


Here Anna discusses her life, her style and her swimwear obsession...


Hi Anna, tell me about yourself:

Hi, I'm a full time model signed to First Model Management. Over the past two years I've worked with a number of lingerie brands from Gilda & Pearl to Rigby & Peller. I'm originally from the Lake District and I didn't always plan to get into modelling. I have a degree in english so I went into marketing for a couple of years before I got scouted. Now I love my job, everyday is different! and one day I'd like to progress into presenting and acting too.

1103webHow would you describe your style?

My style is basic, uncomplicated. I wear a lot of denim and black, a pair of jeans and a shirt - that kind of thing. In the summer I love wearing playsuits as you can just throw them on and go.  My favourite high street shops are Zara, Reiss and Whistles and Calvin Klein is my favourite designer, he epitomizes my aesthetic.


Would you say your lingerie fits into that style or do you like to express yourself differently underneath?

Its a little sexier but not too much. I don't anything with a lot of padding but I do like silk and lace lingerie. A lacy triangle bra or comfortable silk balconette bra are the sorts of underwear I go for.

174webAnd how about your swimwear?

My swimwear is a lot more playful! I love prints and colourful bikinis, I'm pretty obsessed with swimwear. My favourite piece is a red plunging halter neck swimsuit that I designed myself, along with my sister Heather, for our own swimwear label Beach Heart. It's simple, not padded and really flattering. We design our own prints and incorporate all out favourite elements into our swimwear such as tie side knickers, cut outs and halter necks etc... I love going to Ibiza and also hope to go back to the Maldives, where I spent my honeymoon. Me and Heather both love travelling and holidays so it seemed natural for us to go into launching our own swimwear label.


Do you have a favourite set of lingerie?

It really depends on my mood. I change my mind a lot! I guess if I had to pick one I would choose my Victoria's Secret nude strapless bra, its comfortable and I seem to be wearing it a lot at the moment.


How do you feel about your body image?

I'm happy with my figure. As a model you really have to be comfortable with yourself. You'll go to one job and they'll say you're too small and then you'll go to another and they'll say your too big. You can't please everybody! It's better to just be happy, look after yourself and don't give in to the pressure of people wanting you to look a certain way. I have sweet tooth and don't deny myself treats when I want them. I do a lot of fitness modelling which involves exercising for a long time under bright lights, and I run mosts days, so my lifestyle it keeps me fit.


What do you think makes a woman sexy? 

A sense of humour is sexy on anybody, man or woman. It's great when somebody doesn't take themselves too seriously.


black-balconette-lingerie-bra-la-perla-stella-mccartney-calvin-kleinLA PERLA | STELLA MCCCARTNEY | CALVIN KLEIN

swimwear-anna-clough-beach-heart-vix BEACH HEART | I.D SARRIERI | BEACH HEART VIX 




Joss is a curve model signed to Milk Model Management. An ex-student now full-time lingerie model working with international lingerie brands such as Illusion Lingerie (Mexico), ASOS and Simply Be. Here Joss discusses her life, her style, and the sexiest traits a woman can possess...



Hi Joss, tell me about yourself:

I’m Mexican and I’ve been modelling now for about seven months. I actually got spotted on Facebook… I guess they must have liked my profile picture! Originally I thought it was a scam but they were persistent. After talking (A LOT) with the agency and discussing it with my parents I decided to make the move to Mexico City and give it a go. So far I’ve travelled to New York, Miami and now London for work

How would you describe your style?

My style is quite casual; lots of denim cut offs, t-shirts – that kind of thing. I like to keep my wardrobe fun and have a lot of colour, bold prints and variety. Jeremy Scott is my favourite designer and I would love to own anything by him!


Would you say your lingerie fits into that style or do you like to express yourself differently underneath?

My lingerie is sexier! I love black lingerie and lace. It depends on what mood I’m in though. I love the cute lingerie sets you find in Victoria’s Secret too, I have so many of them.


And how about your swimwear?

I have a lot of swimwear! At the moment I love my black swimsuit, it’s got a low scoop back and high cut leg so its super sexy without being too revealing.


Do you have a favourite set of lingerie?

No.... It's impossible! If I have to narrow it down I would say one of my pink sets - My favourite colour is pink.

la-vie-Life-in-lingerie-real-beauty-model-joss-corona-milk-models-06How do you feel about your body image?

I love my body, my body is normal. Curves are celebrated in Mexico so I've never had any bad feelings about my weight. I think its important people love their shape no matter what size they are. I focus on what I do like about my body - my boobs and curves, rather than obsessing over what I don't.


What do you think makes a woman sexy? 

Its all about personality, if a woman is happy, confident and unafraid to be herself - thats sexy. But also good hair!

la-vie-Life-in-lingerie-real-beauty-model-joss-corona-milk-models-05HAIR & MAKE-UP BY: JESSICA SIMPSONget-the-lookvictoria's-secret-knickers-panties-1


black-white-crochet-high-leg-swimsuit-swimwear-dolce-and-gabbanaNORMA KAMALI | NORMA KAMALI DOLCE & GABBANAMELISSA ODABASH


Normcore x Vintage


You don't need burlesque aspirations and a wardrobe of 50's tea dresses to enjoy vintage inspired lingerie.

It is so incredibly practical and comfortable, and not to mention sexy, you can work it into just about any wardrobe.


bra WHAT KATIE DID skirt JONATHAN SIMKHAI stockings LA PERLA normcore-meets-vintage-lingerie-style-04

cashmere sweater MIU MIU bra (worn underneath) WHAT KATIE DID knickers DOLCE & GABBANAnormcore-meets-vintage-lingerie-style-09

bra and suspender belt KISS ME DEADLYnormcore-meets-vintage-lingerie-style-08



coat ISSA bra PRINCESSE TAM TAM suspender belt KISS ME DEADLY knickers DOLCE & GABBANA  stockings LA PERLA shoes MODELS OWNnormcore-meets-vintage-lingerie-style-12normcore-meets-vintage-lingerie-style-07

torsolette WHAT KATIE DID pencil skirt HERVÉ LÉGER



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La Vie En Lingerie: Shree Patel


Shree is a full time model living in London. She is signed to Leni's model management, has a degree in Criminology and Phycology and has spent the last 7months travelling the world. Here she shares more info on her life, her style and her most coveted lingerie...


Hi Shree, Tell me about yourself:

Hi, I'm from north London and currently working as a full time model. I've recently just come back from 7months of travelling, It was amazing and I had so much fun! I travelled through South American and visited my cousin in New York. I'm just finding my feet at the moment and savouring life. Modelling doesn't last forever so I'm just enjoying the ride while it lasts!



How would you describe your style?

Simple. No Fuss. I love black and white! - I rarely wear any colours. I hardly ever wear skirts or dresses either.To me a great outfit is a just a simple t-shirt, jeans and a blazer. I love my blazers - It's essential to have a good oversized blazer!


Would you say your lingerie fits into that style or do you like to express yourself differently underneath?

Yes and no! Most of the time I'd say yes, simple black lingerie is my favourite and white goes really well with my skin tone - but occasionally I do like to experiment with a little more colour underneath. I tend to gravitate towards simple and comfortable lingerie - no padding, no wires, no stockings-and-suspender-belts. Miss-matched underwear is fine by me too. American Apparel and Calvin Klein are the perfect brands for me.


And how about your Swimwear?

oh no, When it comes to swimwear I break all the rules! I tan so easily and often find nothing beats a good neon bikini to really show it off.


Shree_model_lingerie_real_beauty_web03Do you have a favourite set of Lingerie?

I can't say I have a favourite set but I do have a favourite brand - I'm obsessed with For Love and Lemons! They're stuff is exactly my style - simple but sexy. I update my lingerie draw every couple of months so it would be impossible for me to choose just one set.


How do you feel about your body image?

I'm happy with my figure to an extent. I'm naturally slim so when I was younger I used to think that maybe I was too skinny. I would have loved to have more curves! But as i've got older I've become a lot more comfortable with myself.


Are there any words of Wisdom you live your life by?

"Everything happens for a reason".



get-the-looklingerie-edit-elle-and-cee-yasmin-eslami-white-black ELLE AND CEE                                                                                                               YASMIN ESLAMI

lingerie-edit-myla-kriss-soonik-orange-blue-laceDEBORAH MARQUIT                              MYLA                                                                                             KRISS SOONIK

                        swimwear-edit-agent-provocateur-eres-neon                AGENT PROVOCATEUR                                                                         ERES                                                    MIKOH