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After a long summer sabbatical, Lingerie La Femme is back! And there's so much to catch up on in the world of lingerie and intimates...


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Today marks the 4 year anniversary of Lingerie La Femme! In 2014 I launched Lingerie La Femme as an online magazine dedicated to creating exclusive and unique content and promoting diversity, body positivity and luxurious intimates. My first and foremost goal was to utilise my skills as an ex-photographer to produce beautiful and diverse lingerie editorials - casting a diverse mix of models, using little or no photo-shop and shooting women in less passive, objectifying situations. After working predominately for Men's magazines for quite a few years I wanted to create beautiful, inclusive and positive lingerie imagery that celebrated the actual lingerie and the woman wearing it and not just her body.

My secondary motive was to explore the lingerie industry - to give myself a reason (and permission) to really dive into the world of lingerie and swimwear. Besides shooting a couple of lingerie brand campaigns and one trade editorial I knew very little about the lingerie industry and I had always wanted to know more. Being a workaholic, I couldn't just spend hours researching lingerie brands, reading articles and watching documentaries for fun... but - if it was for Lingerie La Femme - I could allow myself the luxury!

Lingerie La Femme has led to lots fun, opportunities and two eye-opening industry jobs. Finally this summer I decided to follow my passion and I left my job to study Fashion Contour. Now that I'm enrolled on a full-time degree, the content of lingerie la femme is going to change a little. There will be further focus on the creative and technical aspects of lingerie, more posts on lingerie making, uni projects, personal posts and non-exclusive editorials. To put it simply it will become more of a conventional blog and less of a magazine.... However it will still be a blog 100% devoted to promoting diversity, body positivity and luxurious intimates.


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Modibodi | We've all heard of period proof underwear but Modibodi is the first brand I've heard to do period-proof swimwear.


Kendal + Kylie Lingerie for Topshop | Yes, Kendal + Kylie have launched a lingerie collection. Yes, they were uncharacteristically silent when it came to the launch... But what I find much more interesting is that fact that the capsule collection was co-designed by Jennifer Zuccarini - Fleur du Mal founder and creative director! Infusing her familiar aesthetic with fabrics such as mesh, lace and velvet, you can get a flavour of the Fleur Du Mal brand for a fraction of the price.


Les Girls Les Boys | Like many lingerie fanatics, I very eagerly awaited the launch of Les Girls Les Boys by Serena Rees, the co-founder of Agent Provocateur. I heard the term 'gender-fluid' and imagined all sorts of boundary pushing, innovative and tasteful creations. I am not entirely sure of what exactly I expected but it was definitely something a little less....boring. I find myself underwhelmed by the collection but still hopeful that something interesting and maybe revelational will come out of it...

Les Girls Les Boys Androgyny Lingerie - The Lingerie Addict

Les Girls Les Boys - GQ Magazine


--- EVENTS ---

Save the Date:

Luxury Lingerie Sample Sale | 21st November 2017, 10:30 to 19:30 | Free Entry

Chelsea Old Town Hall, King's Road, London, SW3 5EE

It's the return of this truly remarkable multibrand designer sample sale, where pretty much all of the hottest London lingerie and swimwear brands get together for a one-day spectacular, this time at Chelsea Old Town Hall! Expect prices starting from £5, with participating brands including Asceno, Bordelle, Coco De Mer, Edge O' Beyond, Ell & Cee, Harlow & Fox, Kiss Me Deadly, Kriss Soonik, Lascivious Lingerie, Longstaff Longstaff, Loveday London, Nubian Skin, Nui Ami, Paolita, Playful Promises, Something Wicked and Yolke!

Most brands should have card machines, but just in case, take cash!



Click here to view our very first Halloween editorial!




 Everything that is hot and happening in the world of lingerie...


--- ART ---

No paint, no photography. Just pen. | We're in love with Dara Vandor's ink portraits of lingerie and lace (above).

see more here


--- BOOKS ---

Storm in a D Cup | June Kenton

'Storm in a D-Cup' is the autobiography of June Kenton, the driving force behind Rigby & Peller, one of the most famous luxury lingerie retailers in the world. With an enviable client list that includes some of the world’s most iconic women, June has devoted her life to extolling the virtues of a properly-fitted and well-styled bra.

From her early days trading from an open-fronted shop in Brixton, to being royally-appointed as the corsetiere to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, June’s heart-warming and absorbing story shows that with a bit of grit and determination, anything is possible!

buy here


--- ARTICLES ---

This Plus Size Lingerie Show Made More Than One Political Statement |

 Changing Shape Of Women | Bluebella


 If you have missed the Thinx saga (or should I say scandal?) you're in for a ride. Don't forget, there are two sides to every coin... and you can read them both here:

Thinx Promised a Feminist Utopia to Everyone But Its Employees | Racked


--- BRANDS ---

We thought we'd found every lingerie brand but it turns out there still more to discover..




--- EVENTS ---

Le Boutique Bazaar

Sunday 2nd April | McQueen Shoreditch, London

Le Boutique Bazaar features a curated selection of 40+ designers representing underground fashion & all things daring- think couture latex, custom corsetry, elaborate headdresses, tempting lingerie, luxury leather goods, and exotic jewels.... they have created a decadent and interactive atmosphere across 3 sumptuous floors, where you can browse, buy, flirt, drink and have fun with like-minded and inspiring people of all types..

find out more


--- SALES ---

Bluebella | 50% Red Sale Sizzle

La Leia | Save Up to 50% in the Spring Sale

Seafolly | Free Shipping with no minium spend- Use Code: FREESHIP367


How to shop a lingerie sample sale



Next week on Wednesday 4th May we see the return of the 20th Century Theatre Luxury Lingerie & Swimwear sample sale in London. All of our favourite luxury brands and boutiques will be there such as Coco De Mer, Bordelle, Loveday London, Asceno, Edge o' Beyond and many more...

Sample sales are a great way of shopping luxury lingerie and swimwear. With up to 85% off retail prices and one-off designs to discover you’re sure to find plenty of covetable pieces to add to your collection.




Know about the sample sales

The first step is to actually know about the sample sales. Follow as many of your favourite brands and boutiques on social media and sign up to their newsletters. Brands don’t shout - they whisper about their sample sales so it’s easy to miss if you’re not well connected.



Do a little research beforehand. Look up the brands that will be attending and make a note the designs you like. That strappy playsuit may look amazing on the website but it can easily be overlooked in a huge pile of underpinnings. Items are rarely merchandised during the sales so you really have to know what you’re looking for.




Get there early

In order to get first pick at the good stuff, its imperative to arrive before the sale starts. Get a cup coffee and a croissant for the queue – there is nothing worse than being hangry while shopping. You may think it’ll only take 10 minutes but you may loose 3 hours – there is no telling once you enter the Aladdin’s cave of luxury lingerie!


Try things on

While you might get away with eyeballing and holding-things-up-against-your-body at a fashion sample sale, here we are talking intimates and you need to try them on. Fit is important and there is absolutely no point in coming home with expensive/beautifully-crafted lingerie (or swimwear) that doesn’t fit you in the slightest. Dressing rooms may be informal (and possibly communal -with a capital C) but it’s worth leaving your vanity at home and trying things on.




Wear a nude thong

Speaking of vanity… If you really mean business at a lingerie sample sale – wear a seamless nude thong. Remember, you’re not here to seduce and a nude thong will allow you to assess the cut and fit of the undergarments without it getting in the way.


Take Cash

Worst scenario: You’re in line waiting to pay for that seriously jaw-dropping Bordelle bondage dress, only to throw down your card and hear “sorry, cash only.” Always take cash – you’ll avoid missing out and it will keep you from overspending.




Be prepared to walk away empty handed

Just because it’s a fraction of it's usual price and you’ve got cash burning a hole in your purse it doesn’t mean you have to buy it. If you don’t see something you’re dying over (and will realistically wear)– walk away. It may have been on sale, but that doesn't mean you're immune to buyer's remorse.




Click the image below to find out more about the sample sale:


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