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Yes, I understand I may be stretching the term 'noteworthy' here. Certainly made for function over fashion, these curious knickers are more novelty than noteworthy.

While not incredibly well designed, the high waist with centre front pocket is undeniably useful. Whether you are travelling the world, attending a music festival or running a marathon, it's the perfect pocket to store your money/bank card/key/energy gels/emergency tampon... and depending on your outfit of choice you could even fit your phone!

Loose fitting outerwear and a sense of adventure is essential to make these work.








noteworthy-knickers-urban-undercover-travel-knickers-panties-busy-lifestyle-underwear-02 noteworthy-knickers-urban-undercover-travel-knickers-panties-busy-lifestyle-underwear-03urban-undercoverHave you ever packed a spare pair of knickers into your bag only to have them fling out in public when you're searching for your phone/purse/comb etc...?

Fortunately, these lace knickers are specifically designed with an active, free spirited modern woman in mind. Thanks to a hidden pocket (into which the underwear can easily tuck) you can easily and discreetly carry a extra pair without worrying about any potential for embarrassment.

Urban Undercover are a brand with a wild heart and gypsy soul. Their products reflect their passion of travel and the desire to explore and live as many experiences as possible. They've modified underwear to simplify your life. Allowing you to be confident in the pair you are wearing and have equal confidence in knowing you have a backup.

Throw an extra pair in any bag, beach/gym bag, backpack, purse, carry-on, etc. It’s not just about underwear, it’s about an experience, and having a spare pair will keep you open to adventure. 

To find out more about Urban Undercover visit their website.


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Model: Harriet Taylor @ Milk ManagementNoteworthy-knickers-slick-chicks-easy-to-remove-knickers-panties-underwear-for-women-03 Noteworthy-knickers-slick-chicks-easy-to-remove-knickers-panties-underwear-for-women-04Slick-chicksOccasionally a product comes along that is so convenient and elegantly simple, you wonder why nobody has done it before. Slick Chicks is one of those products.

These knickers are simple, comfortable and ideal for everyday wear. They're the kinda pants you feel safe in - you can enjoy a sweaty workout without worrying about embarrassing sweat crotch, you know an unexpected visit from "Aunt Flo" or accidental bladder leak isn't an big issue and that they won't trap moisture and give you a yeast infection.

Not only that but Slick Chicks have revolutionised a new way for women to change their underwear without having to take off other clothing first. They're a blessing to anyone who suffers from chronic back pain, mobility issues and the perils of pregnancy or simply someone who has overdone their workout, is in a rush or has ever had to get changed in a toilet cubicle.

 Slick Chicks are easily removable thanks to a hook and eye closure on either side of the waistband. The hook & eye fasteners are super soft and have the perfect amount of stretch, so when you move, they move with you. This multi-directional stretch also helps to keep the underwear in place for any intense workouts. 

Thanks to their recent successfully-funded Kickstarter campaign Slick Chicks are now available to pre-order in an array of colours and styles - Thong, Boy Short and Bikini brief.

To find out more about Slick Chicks visit their website.

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