After a long summer sabbatical, Lingerie La Femme is back! And there's so much to catch up on in the world of lingerie and intimates...


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Today marks the 4 year anniversary of Lingerie La Femme! In 2014 I launched Lingerie La Femme as an online magazine dedicated to creating exclusive and unique content and promoting diversity, body positivity and luxurious intimates. My first and foremost goal was to utilise my skills as an ex-photographer to produce beautiful and diverse lingerie editorials - casting a diverse mix of models, using little or no photo-shop and shooting women in less passive, objectifying situations. After working predominately for Men's magazines for quite a few years I wanted to create beautiful, inclusive and positive lingerie imagery that celebrated the actual lingerie and the woman wearing it and not just her body.

My secondary motive was to explore the lingerie industry - to give myself a reason (and permission) to really dive into the world of lingerie and swimwear. Besides shooting a couple of lingerie brand campaigns and one trade editorial I knew very little about the lingerie industry and I had always wanted to know more. Being a workaholic, I couldn't just spend hours researching lingerie brands, reading articles and watching documentaries for fun... but - if it was for Lingerie La Femme - I could allow myself the luxury!

Lingerie La Femme has led to lots fun, opportunities and two eye-opening industry jobs. Finally this summer I decided to follow my passion and I left my job to study Fashion Contour. Now that I'm enrolled on a full-time degree, the content of lingerie la femme is going to change a little. There will be further focus on the creative and technical aspects of lingerie, more posts on lingerie making, uni projects, personal posts and non-exclusive editorials. To put it simply it will become more of a conventional blog and less of a magazine.... However it will still be a blog 100% devoted to promoting diversity, body positivity and luxurious intimates.


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Modibodi | We've all heard of period proof underwear but Modibodi is the first brand I've heard to do period-proof swimwear.


Kendal + Kylie Lingerie for Topshop | Yes, Kendal + Kylie have launched a lingerie collection. Yes, they were uncharacteristically silent when it came to the launch... But what I find much more interesting is that fact that the capsule collection was co-designed by Jennifer Zuccarini - Fleur du Mal founder and creative director! Infusing her familiar aesthetic with fabrics such as mesh, lace and velvet, you can get a flavour of the Fleur Du Mal brand for a fraction of the price.


Les Girls Les Boys | Like many lingerie fanatics, I very eagerly awaited the launch of Les Girls Les Boys by Serena Rees, the co-founder of Agent Provocateur. I heard the term 'gender-fluid' and imagined all sorts of boundary pushing, innovative and tasteful creations. I am not entirely sure of what exactly I expected but it was definitely something a little less....boring. I find myself underwhelmed by the collection but still hopeful that something interesting and maybe revelational will come out of it...

Les Girls Les Boys Androgyny Lingerie - The Lingerie Addict

Les Girls Les Boys - GQ Magazine


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Save the Date:

Luxury Lingerie Sample Sale | 21st November 2017, 10:30 to 19:30 | Free Entry

Chelsea Old Town Hall, King's Road, London, SW3 5EE

It's the return of this truly remarkable multibrand designer sample sale, where pretty much all of the hottest London lingerie and swimwear brands get together for a one-day spectacular, this time at Chelsea Old Town Hall! Expect prices starting from £5, with participating brands including Asceno, Bordelle, Coco De Mer, Edge O' Beyond, Ell & Cee, Harlow & Fox, Kiss Me Deadly, Kriss Soonik, Lascivious Lingerie, Longstaff Longstaff, Loveday London, Nubian Skin, Nui Ami, Paolita, Playful Promises, Something Wicked and Yolke!

Most brands should have card machines, but just in case, take cash!



Click here to view our very first Halloween editorial!




This summer over 100 students will graduate from the UK's 2 prestigious Fashion Contour degree courses.

One is the renowned De Montfort University Contour Fashion BA, celebrating it's 70th year running. The other is the up-and-coming Fashion Contour BA at the world famous London College Of Fashion.

We had the opportunity to visit both the De Montfort 70th Anniversary Graduate Catwalk Show and the LCF Graduate Presentation. Inspired by the student's innovation, we wanted to celebrate the next generation of creative talent by publishing a few of our favourites.

Scroll down to view our most coveted collections...




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Lily Rouse, London, creates innovative designs featuring the art of fabrication and manipulation under the influence of the natural forms of nature. The demi-couture brand is structured from intricate detailing emphasising femininity, sophistication and creativity. The inspiration comes from the concept of underwear as outerwear, introducing pieces that can be worn as evening-wear or at events but are constructed through lingerie components to contour the female body.

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Abigail's Natsumi collection is inspired by Japanese temples and shires with traditional Japanese shapes with a western, modern influence. Hand-painted print from original photograph of the Nachi temple in Japan.

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The lingerie industry is much more than Victoria's Secret, Agent Provocateur and La Perla. Beyond the big name corporations there are thousands of small brands, designers and companies working to change the intimate apparel industry. More and more companies are flexing their economical, political, environmental and social consciousness by offering women much more than just bras and briefs by using their profits to further benefit women. Scroll down to view a few of these companies making a difference....




 A social enterprise creating beautiful lingerie to support women as they transition from prison to find meaningful employment in the fashion, retail and creative industries. Did you know less than 10% of women who leave prison find a job? This brand believes every woman deserves a second chance and 100% of profits from each bra goes straight back into BehindBras to help and support women in prison to find meaningful employment when they leave. 




Bluebella believes public workers deserve luxurious and desirable lingerie too. At great prices. So they have joined with Heart Cart to offer a special discounts for public workers. Anyone working in the NHS, armed forces, local government, police or fire service in the UK can get 15% off any order at Bluebella.




Helping women feel strong and beautiful through the power of pants, no matter what fertility issues they're facing. Launched in December 2016, the Pants Project sources beautiful lingerie from all over the world with a percentage of the profits from each pair sold goes towards Fertility Network UK, the UK's leading national patient fertility charity. Their goal is to raise funds and awareness for those with fertility issues- whatever they might be. Since launching they have hosted a Valentines Pants Party Auction, selling stunning and unique knickers by top UK lingerie designers, an online auction and have raised 5K and plenty of exposure for the charity.




Naja is Columbian lingerie label changing the way women shop for lingerie as well as changing the industry as a whole through the company's dedication to changing women's lives. Naja's garment factory primarily employs single mothers or female heads of households where they are paid above market wages with healthcare benefits. At Naja, they've implemented flexible work policies that make it easier for women to balance work and childcare. Every child of a Naja garment worker recieves books, school supplies, uniforms and all school meals paid by Naja.




Smalls for All is a Scottish Charity which collects and distributes underwear to help women and children in Africa. The company helps those living in orphanages, slums, IDP camps and schools, as well as providing underwear to hospitals to help those suffering from medical conditions like obstetric fistula. Additionally they have also established an education programme to support some of the poorest children by helping them to gain access to education.


Intimate Experiments


Do you ever dream of a world where you have a lingerie solution for every conceivable outfit and occasion?

Me too.

Unfortunately building the perfect lingerie wardrobe takes a lot of time, trial and error. There is no easy route or quick fix to underwear utopia.

Apparently there are seven different types of breasts and there are countless body shapes and size combinations. What may work for one woman may not work for you. There's no avoiding it - in order find the perfect underpinnings to suit your shape, size and lifestyle you need to be open to experimentation.

The results can vary - sometimes you find a life-enhancing bra or a game-changing ensemble but sometimes you end up with a yeast infection or a pair Spanx so tight they cause indigestion.

It's just an awkward, often embarrassing and sometimes liberating part of life's journey and there is nothing we love more than watching these very real, honest and funny experiments on Youtube.



Women With Big Boobs Wear Strapless Bras For A Week



Women Wear Expensive Lingerie For A Week



Women go Braless for a Week



Women Try Period Panties



The Try Guys Try Valentine's Day Lingerie




 Everything that is hot and happening in the world of lingerie...


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No paint, no photography. Just pen. | We're in love with Dara Vandor's ink portraits of lingerie and lace (above).

see more here


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Storm in a D Cup | June Kenton

'Storm in a D-Cup' is the autobiography of June Kenton, the driving force behind Rigby & Peller, one of the most famous luxury lingerie retailers in the world. With an enviable client list that includes some of the world’s most iconic women, June has devoted her life to extolling the virtues of a properly-fitted and well-styled bra.

From her early days trading from an open-fronted shop in Brixton, to being royally-appointed as the corsetiere to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, June’s heart-warming and absorbing story shows that with a bit of grit and determination, anything is possible!

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This Plus Size Lingerie Show Made More Than One Political Statement |

 Changing Shape Of Women | Bluebella


 If you have missed the Thinx saga (or should I say scandal?) you're in for a ride. Don't forget, there are two sides to every coin... and you can read them both here:

Thinx Promised a Feminist Utopia to Everyone But Its Employees | Racked


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We thought we'd found every lingerie brand but it turns out there still more to discover..




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Le Boutique Bazaar

Sunday 2nd April | McQueen Shoreditch, London

Le Boutique Bazaar features a curated selection of 40+ designers representing underground fashion & all things daring- think couture latex, custom corsetry, elaborate headdresses, tempting lingerie, luxury leather goods, and exotic jewels.... they have created a decadent and interactive atmosphere across 3 sumptuous floors, where you can browse, buy, flirt, drink and have fun with like-minded and inspiring people of all types..

find out more


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Bluebella | 50% Red Sale Sizzle

La Leia | Save Up to 50% in the Spring Sale

Seafolly | Free Shipping with no minium spend- Use Code: FREESHIP367


Christmas Gift Guide


from top left to right: Caramel Adriana collar by BORDELLE, Claret embroidered tulle briefs from I.D. SARRIERI, Peel n' Stick push up cups by FASHION FORMS, Illustrated Christmas card from COCO DE MER, Pearl nipple jewellery by BIJOUX INDISCRETS, Swarovski crystal teardrop pasties from RUTH MELBOURNE, bra by GONZALES LINGERIE, Juliette Has A Gun perfume by BROOKLYN FOX LINGERIE, Gold leavers lace bodysuit from GILDA & PEARL, Green stretch-lace soft-cup bra by LONELY LINGERIE, Metallic gold silk pyjama set from YOLKE.


Tomorrow is officially the first day of the festive season and it's time to celebrate all things bright and beautiful.

From everyday luxuries to seductive stocking fillers, we explored all our favourite lingerie boutiques and brands to bring to you a covetable Christmas gift guide like no other.

- For the Naughty -

christmas-holiday-seasonal-festive-gift-guide-sensual-seductive-naughty-lingerie-pasties-ouvert-knickers-underpinnings-latex-sm-bondage-intimates-luxury-01 top left to right: ELISSA POPPY | BORDELLE | COCO DE MER

middle left to right: COCO DE MER | FLEUR OF ENGLAND | E.L.F ZHOU



- Something Nice -

christmas-holiday-seasonal-festive-gift-guide-sensual-seductive-nice-lingerie-hearts-pink-knickers-underpinnings-sleepmask-lace-cute-romantic-feminine-intimates-luxury-02 top left to right: AGENT PROVOCATEUR | ALEXANDER MCQEEN | FLEUR DU MAL


bottom left to right: HANKY PANKY | MIMI HOLLIDAY | FLEUR DU MAL


- Seductive Stocking Fillers -


top left to right: I Dare You: 30 Sealed Seductions from COCO DE MER | Body Jewellery by EDGE O'BEYOND  | Catwoman mask by CHROMAT

bottom left to right: Black crystal nipplets by E.L.F ZHOU | Erotic subscription box by UNBOUND | Candles by D.L & CO


- Everyday Luxuries -













 [2jslideshow id="5581"]


Floral florals-mfw-fashion-week-milan-lingerie-01





[2jslideshow id="5615"]





All runway images via





Leopard Print






[2jslideshow id="5498"]


Material Girl ss17-lfw-denim-mesh-sports-luxe-lingerie-underpinnings-intimates-edit-la-femme-01





[2jslideshow id="5463"]



ss17-lfw-tulle-lingerie-as-outerwear-smocking-babydoll-trends-fashion-runway-01 left to right: LA LILOUCHE | FLEUR DU MAL | BUTTRESS & SNATCH | BETTIE BLUE'S LOUNGEWEAR

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I recently watched a short film made by a young, small busted woman telling us wearing bras were bad for us - causing lymph problems and even breast cancer and it made me furious! As an older, fuller busted woman (32DD) this celebrity blogger is clearly not the person to preach to all women. She is however grabbing the younger audiences, promoting misinformation and the sort of behaviours that can years down the line cause issues, especially if you wear a c+ cup.

Breast Anatomy

The breasts are a mass of tissue and tubes but NO muscle. There are muscles above and under. Strong muscles in the shoulders, arms and upper back as well as the abdominals all serve to hold or hoist up the breasts. The breasts are kept firm by exercises and by wearing good quality bras. My personal favourites are Freya. With bras you really do get what you pay for. Just think about the one thing in your life you would NOT go cheap for and your bra should be up there!

Lymph Anatomy

In the sternum almost between the breasts lies the Thoracic duct which is the reservoir for lymph fluid. Our lymph system is the bodies waste disposal system and it is all over the body. When we get sick it helps to flush out toxins. When it is under pressure the lymph points like behind the ear lobes, at the throat, under the arm pits and at the groins can swell and become sore. This indicates that our bodies are fighting hard to keep us well. We can assist the lymph system by exercising and keeping our bodies fit and healthy. Using some of the exercises and massage techniques below:


Breast examinations are crucial and its up to you to do this. Its also a lovely time to get your favourite massage oil and perform this massage technique. I use warm organic avocado oil. It’s a bit more expensive but only the best for my breasts! I also only use this oil on my face and décolletage. First I take a warm cloth and place on the skin, I then follow the lymphatic self massage routine. I complete by placing a warm cloth back over the oiled skin. I finish off with a bracing cold cloth and allow to dry naturally. I am 58 and have very few lines, I NEVER use creams of any description.

Years ago I was told that because women use hairdryers and hold the arms above the head for a period of time this aids lymph drainage. As a yoga teacher I am inclined to agree. Below is a short practice that I advocate along with activities like swimming, running, stair climbing (not lifts or escalators) walking, gardening, cycling and anything else that gets you moving your body.



It may be that if a woman chooses to never wear a bra from day one her body accepts that as the norm and adjusts to support the breasts but there are no muscles in the breasts so this would involve correct posture, strengthening the arm, abdominal, chest and back muscles.

In tribal cultures that don't use bras i.e. Kalahari, Amazonian societies these women generally have similar breast shapes and sizes to bra wearing societies however these women would have very active lives involving hard work, carrying weights, digging for food, grinding, climbing and walking great distances. Their postures appear much more upright unlike the more sedentary modern western one of slouching on chairs and stooping over desks. We are however getting fitter than ever!

It makes perfect sense for women with a small cup size to go without a bra if thats their preference, although I wouldn't encourage this for sports like running and riding. For the most part a huge percentage of women do wear bras generally because they need support. In fact in 2001 Playtex executive John Dixey agreed. ‘' We have no medical evidence that wearing a bra could prevent sagging, because the breast itself is not muscle so keeping it toned up is an impossibility. What it can do, particularly for larger-breasted women, is provide comfort and support.'' I don't believe that wearing bras is the cause of breast cancer or lymph issues. There can be so many contributing factors to this, genetic, dietary, environmental and lifestyle. Keeping a check on ones family medical history, as Angeline Jolie did and taking the appropriated action if necessary. Eating well, regularly exercising, using self massage and self examination techniques combined with rest and paying for well fitting bras should keep all issues at bay.


Imagery & design by LINGERIE LA FEMME



Hi, tell me about yourself:

Hi, My name is Fifi. I live in Indonesia but travel to London so often it feels like a second home. I work in Infrastructure and Property full-time but also model and create content for brands part-time. It’s a hobby and passion of mine, I love creating videos and photo-shoots and sharing my experiences and travels with the world. It all started 3 years ago, I had a good following on social media and brands such as Dior and SK-II started to approach me about being an ambassador and creating content for them. I wouldn’t go as far as to label myself as a pro-blogger as this isn’t my full-time profession and I only work with brands I love and use so it feels more organic.


How would you describe your fashion style?

It can vary wildly depending on the occasion. To the office I always wear something tailored in neutral colours, such as a pencil skirt and vest, pant suit or skirt suit. When I’m not working I go for something basic and versatile such as jeans, and a white shirt or a knitted dress. I love brands such as Maje, Sandro and The Kooples, although I mostly shop online at Shopbop or Revolve Clothing.

On rare occasions I dress up as my alter ego, Viper Rose. She is sensual, confident and at times provocative without neglecting elegance and sophistication. She is another part of my modelling/content work as I often get hired to host events and guest star in fashion shows, often for club openings or Champagne/ liquor product launches. Viper Rose always wears something sexy and sophisticated, usually by Balmain or David Koma.


Would you say your lingerie fits into you that style or do you like to express yourself differently or experiment underneath?

Yes, my lingerie is just as versatile as my outerwear. I always embrace my sensuality through using the right lingerie for my personality and body type.

Daily, I wear more basic lingerie such as Calvin Klein or Cosabella. It's important to me to wear the right underwear for my outfit so when i'm wearing a tight dress I'll opt for a seamless g-string or with jeans i'll choose a hipster knicker so it doesn't show above the waistband.

On special occasions, such a date night or big event, I like to be more daring. I enjoy dressing up in more sensual lingerie with lace, beads and even feathers sometimes - I feel it enhances my femininity and sensuality. My special lingerie is a kept separate from my everyday lingerie. I have a separate wardrobe and set of drawers. I see my lingerie as collectors items and every piece has it's own special place.


What are your favourite fashion and lingerie designers/ brands?

My favourite luxury labels are La Perla, Coco De Mer, Atsuko Kudo and Bordelle. I have the iconic Bordelle girdle dress in my collection but I haven't worn it outside yet, I just don't know where to wear it!

I also love Agent Provocateur, Gooseberry Intimates and For Love and Lemons. I love their fabrics and the sensuality of their designs.


What’s your favourite set of lingerie and why?

I don't have favourite set because I collect lingerie and each set is special in it's own way. However, my biggest splurge has to be my embellished corset (see here) - it cost more than my wedding gown! It was custom made in San Francisco by Dark Garden who make costumes for Dita Von Teese, and the corset was ornamented in Swarovski crystals by Catherine D'Lish.

Do you have any favourite Indonesian lingerie or swimwear labels?

Unfortunately there are not many Indonesian labels but a lot of overseas brands do make their lingerie and swimwear here. Two brands made here that I like are Indah clothing and Saucha.


Do you have any favourite swimwear brands?

My favourite Swimwear label is Minimale Animale, because the cut of their suits is super sexy! I also love Indah, Agent Provocateur as the fit is great.

How would you describe your body image?

Right now I have a healthy body image, I maintain my body by eating healthy and exercising. But when I was younger it was very popular to be skinny - it wasn't desirable to have curves at all. I didn't like my figure and started crash dieting, which eventually led to bulimia. I had long journey to fight it but I love and accept my body now. When you travel you see different women of all shapes, sizes and skin colours, it makes you realise we're not all meant to look the same and you have to embrace your own kind of beauty. I've made two youtube videos on the subject on my youtube channel. 

I love my body and Weight Loss Transformation, Story & Journey

What's your worst lingerie purchase?

My worst purchase was when I was younger and hated my body. Back then I was insecure having boobs because in the late 90's the trend was no boobs like Kate Moss and Shalom Harlow. I used to wear a minimiser bra or full coverage bra to hide them.

That was until the Victoria Secret and Lindsay Lohan era, when curves were back, and I finally embraced my shape and got rid of those ugly bras!


Are there any words of wisdom you like to live your life by?

Embrace who you are and make the most of it.


Click the images below to follow Fifi...


If you would like to take part in one of our La Vie En Lingerie interviews and photoshoots in London please get in touch. Casting is open to anyone who identifies as a woman – regardless of age, shape, size or chroma-zone combination. Help us promote diversity and body positivity and have a little fun in the process!


Summer Seduction


lingerie set I.D SARRIERI





Summer-seduction-luxury-lace-lingerie-editorial-photoshoot-lingerie-la-femme-magazine-01(2)lingerie set ERESSummer-seduction-luxury-lace-lingerie-editorial-photoshoot-lingerie-la-femme-magazine-03lingerie L'AGENT BY AGENT PROVOCATEUR stockings LA PERLA Summer-seduction-luxury-lace-lingerie-editorial-photoshoot-lingerie-la-femme-magazine-06

lingerie I.D SARRIERI Summer-seduction-luxury-lace-lingerie-editorial-photoshoot-lingerie-la-femme-magazine-05

pink lace lingerie LA PERLASummer-seduction-luxury-lace-lingerie-editorial-photoshoot-lingerie-la-femme-magazine-08ivory lingerie YASMINE ESLAMISummer-seduction-luxury-lace-lingerie-editorial-photoshoot-lingerie-la-femme-magazine-04

silk satin lingerie KIKI DE MONTPARNASSE Summer-seduction-luxury-lace-lingerie-editorial-photoshoot-lingerie-la-femme-magazine-07



100% Cotton






We believe everyday lingerie should feel good and look good.

We all know that natural fabrics are more breathable and better for vaginal health, while Synthetic fabrics trap heat and moisture, making your underwear an optimal breeding ground for bacteria.

We understand the practical idea of choosing 100% cotton lingerie isn't always the most stylish option. So after some extensive research we handpicked several brands offering 100% cotton lingerie that is both sensible and chic...


lingerie set ROSSELL ENGLAND

Lingerie-la-femme-100-percent-cotton-lingerie-underwear-editorial-healthy-everyday-intimates-14 Lingerie-la-femme-100-percent-cotton-lingerie-underwear-editorial-healthy-everyday-intimates-13

soft-cup bra & shorts MARTHA ROSELingerie-la-femme-100-percent-cotton-lingerie-underwear-editorial-healthy-everyday-intimates-10

lingerie set ROSSELL ENGLAND | nightshirt SKIN Lingerie-la-femme-100-percent-cotton-lingerie-underwear-editorial-healthy-everyday-intimates-12 Lingerie-la-femme-100-percent-cotton-lingerie-underwear-editorial-healthy-everyday-intimates-11

lingerie set & t-shirt NICO UNDERWEAR


pyjama top & short SKINLingerie-la-femme-100-percent-cotton-lingerie-underwear-editorial-healthy-everyday-intimates-06


Lingerie-la-femme-100-percent-cotton-lingerie-underwear-editorial-healthy-everyday-intimates-05 Lingerie-la-femme-100-percent-cotton-lingerie-underwear-editorial-healthy-everyday-intimates-04

shirt M.I.H JEANS | knickers LOUP CHARMANT


shirt SKIN | chemise LUVA HUVA




Fleur of England is a luxuriously feminine label known for exquisite designs and elegant lace. An intimates brand that is quintessentially English and sold in elite boutiques worldwide.

Read on for our exclusive interview with Fleur Turner, the woman behind the label...


When did you start the brand?

The concept for the brand started whilst I was at university. I studied Fashion Marketing at the University of Newcastle; it was such a great course in that it was really creative yet still had a business element. It was totally me in a nutshell and I threw myself into it and loved every minute of it! In the final year I got to create my own brand and collection and that's really what started things off for me.

I have always been interested in femininity and lingerie. The brand was simply a natural progression - all my designs, my handwriting and everything I drew and painted were all quite feminine. I was obsessed with fabric - silk, lace and georgette so I wanted to create a label that encapsulated all the things I love.

I officially launched Fleur T, which was the beginning of Fleur of England in 2000. My first lingerie trade show was in Harrogate and the Liberty buyer came along and loved it! They commissioned a limited edition collection to launch their new lingerie department. It was amazing opportunity for me and absolutely brilliant for the brand, everything just spring boarded after that.


What was your history before the brand? 

Straight after university, while I always knew I wanted to launch my own label, I knew I needed to work in the industry for a couple of years. It's incredibly difficult to launch a business straight out of university and I needed to learn more - I wanted to see how other people did it. With my brand in the back on my mind, I really wanted to focus of understanding the technical aspects of lingerie and knowing how the garments were made - I wanted to get right down to that detail.

My first job was with a company that were a supplier to Marks & Spencer. I was in London 3 days per week and in Somerset 2 days a week. I found it fantastic, as I love being in the countryside. That company was where I learnt all of my technical skills and I became more of a technical lingerie designer rather than somebody just experienced in the marketing and business side of design.

After that, I went to work in Hong Kong for a year, which was fascinating - you can't get more of a mass production environment than that! I was working in a factory on the design team. I was focusing on the UK high street and designing pieces for English retailers. China is vast in terms of the production and these factories run on a huge scale. I knew it wasn't what I wanted for my own label but it was great to simply experience it.


 What was your inspiration when conceptualising Fleur T? 

With Fleur T, I knew I wanted to create something that was completely European. I manufactured in the UK to begin with and I wanted to use very luxurious European fabrics. I wanted to make it high end but not as expensive as Agent Provocateur and La Perla - that’s where I saw the gap in the market for Fleur T.

There is a word that we use - it was, and still is, our DNA. The word is 'Exquisite'. Everything we do has to be exquisite, from the lingerie down to packing a parcel - even if it's just to send to the factory. It runs through everything thing we do and is an essential part our design process. If we're looking at something and trying to narrow down options we ask 'is it exquisite, yes or no?' If yes, that’s good! If no, we do it again.


Tell me about the changes in 2007?

The brand was doing so well and, as it was just me and one other at the beginning, we had to do absolutely everything. In 2007, I had my first child, George, and it was at that point that I decided to grow the business and expand the team. I realised I could no longer do everything when I was responsible for another human being! Growing the team was great for the business as the new people brought in new ideas and perspectives.

It also gave me the opportunity to reflect a little bit, I was only away for a month after giving birth but it made me realise that I wanted to rebrand. Although we had a really luxurious product - Fleur T wasn't doing it justice. The name felt a bit too bit young and people often mistook it for 'Flirty'. After doing plenty of market research and focus groups we decided to rebrand as Fleur of England. The name is a much more sophisticated, elegant, luxury and, importantly, shows that we are British.

It was fantastic for the company, we got lots more international business and launched a second e-commerce website - we really haven't looked back! The business is growing year on year. There are 7 of us working full-time but there can be up to 12 or 13 staff during busy periods.


Tell me about your collections and what inspires them?

We have 2 seasons (Spring/Summer & Autumn/Winter) with 4 collection in each season. We've also just launched our resort line as well with 2 additional collections.

I am inspired constantly and a lot of my ideas come organically from my living my life. Sometimes my collections grow from my obsessions. For instance - rose gold, I'm in love with the colour at the moment and I just had to incorporate it into a collection! Also, while I was renovating my house, I became obsessed with ceiling roses. They're so beautiful and intricate I ended up designing a collection with ceiling roses in mind.

The Cotswolds inspired our SS16 collections. As a family we're always outside and we particularly love walking in the countryside. I enjoy growing vegetables in my garden and I love being outside at every possible opportunity. SS16 is an easy breezy, luxurious season.


Describe your design process?

I start my design process with the colour; I put the colours into work before I do any sketches! Then come the fabrics and the embroidery design. It's only once I have all the fabric in front of me I start designing the collection. It's a mixture of sketching and draping on the mannequin. Sketchbooks are how I communicate my designs and ideas but in lingerie the scale of a piece is so critical you really need work with a mannequin rather than just on paper.


Tell me about your new swimwear line?

We have just launched our new swimwear range Resort by Fleur. Customers have been asking for a swim collection for a while and the timing finally felt right. Inspired by sea and nature, I designed the collection and a beautiful bespoke print using the ancient Japanese technique of Marbling. It was so relaxing, I did it over two days and my boys had a go with me. Their designs were a little crazy but it was nice to develop my patterns with my kids. Once I felt I had something, Jenny (my assistant designer) put it into Photoshop and worked with it.

The most important thing when developing the swimwear collection was the fit - everything that is important with the lingerie had to translate into the swimwear as well. I chose a specific European fabric; it's beautiful and made in Italy. It's woven as opposed to knitted, which gives it all these amazing properties - its machine washable, anti-wrinkle, UV resistant, dries really quickly and is ok with suntan lotion. Everything has been analysed and scrutinised over. We've also done towels and everything comes packaged in this beautiful bag that is clear and you can even take through the airport with you.


What fabrics do you use and why?

This is my obsession! I love lace - French leavers lace, Chantilly lace and embroidery. I sketch and design all my own embroideries. I love delicate fabrics and invisible tulle. There is something really nice about the reveal and conceal - the fabrics are almost sculpting the body.

I love the shine, sparkle and lustre of silk - it's like a prism of light, when the light shines on it, it just comes alive! I also like silk georgette but it's got to have stretch in it for the fit to be right, that's why we always make sure it has 5% Lycra.

One of my favourites is a pink French Chantilly lace; it almost looks like a tattoo and is so delicate. It's knitted on vintage looms over 100years old. I've been over to the factory in France and seen them - they're huge wooden machines and the pattern in knitted by computer. It's expensive as it is so delicate and takes a long time to make. All the little treads are clipped by hand and it has to be knitted slowly as, if one of the needles breaks, there would be a hole in the lace. The whole time there is somebody walking up and down checking the needles while the lace is being knitted, it's fascinating!

I've also been to Switzerland to see embroideries being made. It gives you an understanding and respect for the fabric and materials you use. If you're a designer, once you know how your materials are being made, it develops your love for them even more. I hope that translates into my designs and the end wearing will love the product as much as I do.


What sizes do you produce?

For bras we start with a 30A and go up to a 36DD. Sizing completely depends of the type of kind your choosing, we have 3 types of bra - the plunge, the balcony and the triangle so we have something that will fit a variety of shapes and sizes. For everything else we carry small (8-10UK), medium (10-12) and large (12-14). Fit is incredibly important to us and we have worked hard to make sure our products fit well on a variety of women. We've also put together a guide on the website for our customers and a Youtube video on how to fit a bra.


Do you have a typical type of customer?

 We have 4 customer personas that actually buy Fleur of England and a lot of men buy for their wives or girlfriends. The one thing they all have in common is that they're all perfectionists. If you're paying for luxury lingerie - it's got to be prefect, it's got to fit perfectly, it's got to be comfortable and it's got to be beautiful and look effortless. That's why they buy our lingerie.


Do you have an ideal celebrity customer? 

We have plenty of ideal celebrity customers and some of them already own our pieces. Celebrities such as Millie Mackintosh, Anne Hathaway and Kourtney Kardashian all wear Fleur of England. They're ideal as they're all sexy, confident women.

I would absolutely love to see Lady Gaga in one of our pieces; I'd enjoy designing something really off the wall for her. As a designer it would be the perfect commission in terms of creativity!


Do you have a muse?

I wouldn't be able to name one person specifically but the women around me - my friends and my team, continually inspire me. Some of the team are young girls and it's always interesting to bounce ideas off each other and discover new perspectives.


What is your biggest career moment?

I had to opportunity to introduce my mum to Princess Anne - It was pretty amazing!.. Definitely one of those 'pinch me' moments in life! I'm proud of the awards I have won and, of course, my team - it's taken me 15years but I have the most amazing team to work with me. They're all awesome and I feel that’s a huge achievement. I'm lucky to have found people who really enjoy what we do and are really passionate about it.


What do you think is the hardest hurdle when setting up a brand?

Manufacturing! I used to have to be in the factory all the time; I was virtually based in the factory making sure that everything was exactly the way I wanted. You can't send something out if it's not right and it was an incredibly frustrating but very essential part of the process.


Do you have any favourite brands you love to buy yourself?

I've just found this amazing home wares brand in the US called Jonathan Adler; I'm very inspired by his interiors. In terms of fashion I love feminine labels such as Alberta Ferretti, Chloe and Stella McCartney's outerwear.


To find out more about Fleur of England's exquisite collections visit their website.



Love and Loungewear


Happy Valentine's Day! This year, forget heels and expensive restaurants - in true Sunday style spend the day of love in your loungewear. Enjoy a romantic day at home -  staying in bed till noon, cooking a mimosa brunch together and simply giving each other your undivided attention...







Boxers SMITH & DOWNES | Camisole MIMI HOLLIDAY | Lingerie set (underneath) EBERJEY Love-lingerie-and-loungewear-Lingerie-la-femme-valentines-day-editorial-04

Boxers 1ST MAN | Lace bralette and silk shorts NUI AMI Love-lingerie-and-loungewear-Lingerie-la-femme-valentines-day-editorial-05

Boxers 1ST MAN | Lace and silk camisole NUI AMI | High waist knickers LASCIVIOUS



click on the image to visit the product website

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click on the image to visit the product website

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Noteworthy-knickers-lingerie-la-femme-pixel-panties-indiegogo-crowdfunded-lingerie-start-ups-01 Noteworthy-knickers-lingerie-la-femme-pixel-panties-indiegogo-crowdfunded-lingerie-start-ups-02

PIXEL-PANTIESThese unique knickers are certainly eye catching!  Touted the "world's first 8-bit underwear", these knickers are the  brainchild of designers Cesaria & Sebastiao from Lisbon, Portugal.  Inspired their love of retro games and 8-bit visuals they set about creating a product that was fashionable and sexy.

Super stretchy, seamless and comfortable for everyday wear. These knickers may be distinctive but it's not their aesthetics that make them so noteworthy. The interesting thing about this label is that it was completed funded through Indiegogo, a crowdfunding platform.

Launched on Indiegogo in July of 2014, the brand caused quite the sensation and within a month they far surpassed their goal of $12,500 by almost double! The brand has gone from strength to strength and has launched a matching bra, new colours and are soon to release their first 8-bit swimwear. Click here to see their Indiegogo video.

Since then other lingerie labels such as feminist brand Neon Moon, luxury brand Karolina Laskowska, Millie Lingerie, Urban Undercover and Knix Wear have followed suit by using crowdfunding platforms to launch their brands or fund upcoming collections.

For us, crowdfunding is a great way to support lingerie start-ups and find individual and innovative products you won't see anywhere else.


Check out three intimates brands who currently running campaigns:


1 - STAY GLDN  - If you could only have one pair of underwear, these are them.

2 - PANTY PROP - 100% comfort for natural body functions.

2- KARMA BIKINIS  - 7% of proceeds to ocean conservation efforts.





Lancaster & Cornish is an online ethical wedding trims, tableware and accessories store based in Cornwall. Through they also sell organic knicker making kits. While, lets admit it, these may not be the most tempting knickers, they do make a wonderfully quirky, fun and useful present. Suitable for beginner sewers who can use a sewing machine, the kit contains organic fabric, elastic, a unique high leg brief pattern (fully graded from sizes 8-18), full easy-to-follow instructions and a Lancaster & Cornish sew in label. Typically they take 2-4 hours to complete and are incredibly fun to make!

Lancaster & Cornish care strongly about the environment and the people producing the fabric. For that reason they only sell products that are ethically sourced, fairly traded and certified organic (where available). The fabric used to produce the knickers above is 100% certified organic cotton that has been dyed with low impact dyes.

The kit is available in two colour-ways: White with red spots & Black with white spots.

Knicker making kits are a great stocking filler for any lingerie lover.


Lancaster & Cornish's beautifully curated Instagram is a great source of wedding inspiration. From elegantly displayed ribbon, to bouquets of flowers, bridal laces and perfectly styled table arrangements. Just click the image below to go the Lancaster & Cornish Instagram page… knicker-making-sewing-kit-lancaster-and-cornish-stocking-filler-xmas-gift-lingerie-instagram-04





Top 5 Lingerie Books


Coffee table books make the perfect presents. Here are our top five lingerie books to treat a yourself or a loved one this christmas ...



La Perla - Lingerie & Desire


A gorgeously illustrated book showcasing the exquisite high-end lingerie from the world-renowned Italian brand La Perla. La Perla is celebrated for its sophisticated, sexy, and beautifully designed and crafted lingerie. The company was founded by Ada Masotti, an artisan skilled in the tradition of handcrafted Italian corsetry, in 1954 when she opened a small lingerie boutique in Bologna. She combined her impeccable craftsmanship and understanding of women’s bodies to fulfil their growing desire to possess undergarments that were not only functional but also beautiful and alluring. This is the only book ever published on the glamorous and delicate lingerie produced by La Perla throughout its history. The book first pays homage to the Italian craftsmanship, including the use of fine Italian fabrics, that helped to establish La Perla as the maker of sophisticated couture lingerie, and that continues with today’s collections to set the company apart from other brands. Then it showcases the exceptional intimate garments the company has created throughout the years with gorgeous archival images as well as sexy, sumptuous photographs of the latest collections. La-Perla-Lingerie-And-Desire-lingerie-la-femme-books-for-lingerie-lovers-christmas-gift-guide-02 La-Perla-Lingerie-And-Desire-lingerie-la-femme-books-for-lingerie-lovers-christmas-gift-guide-03

£52.50 Amazon


Agent Provocateur - The 4 dreams of Miss X


An astounding collaboration between Agent Provocateur, Mike Figgis and Kate Moss, "The 4 Dreams of Miss X" breaks new ground. Genius innovators in haute couture, AP have commissioned Mike Figgis to portray Moss in her first acting role, resulting in four unique films: "Shadows", "Scale", "Exhibitionist and "Narcissus" - "The 4 Dreams of Miss X". Shot in night vision, these films are intensely intimate: a beautiful woman's private dream experiences. Agent-provocateur-the-four-dreams-of-miss-x-lingerie-la-femme-books-for-lingerie-lovers-christmas-gift-guide-01 Agent-provocateur-the-four-dreams-of-miss-x-lingerie-la-femme-books-for-lingerie-lovers-christmas-gift-guide-02

£25 Amazon


Second Skin


A body clad in satin and lace is more erotic than nudity. Women have always known it and men probably will not disagree. Lingerie has an inspiring effect. Also on designers. They dedicate all their finesse to a tiny piece of nothing, the fabric dreams are made of. Patrice Farameh, specialist for exquisite lifestyle products, has set out on an voyage of discovery and discovered the 30 most exciting labels. Skilfully put in the limelight by the best photographers, fragile sensual masterpieces unfold in the shape of 160 large illustrations. The book offers deep insights into the world of clinging enticements that presents itself, radiant and sexy. Second-Skin-lingerie-la-femme-books-for-lingerie-lovers-christmas-gift-guide-01 Second-Skin-lingerie-la-femme-books-for-lingerie-lovers-christmas-gift-guide-02

£20.25 Amazon


Contemporary Lingerie Design


The design of lingerie is often seen as a mystery, even by professionals working in other sectors of the fashion industry. This book aims to explain the processes at work and the many unexpected influences that shape the colour, silhouettes, and decoration.

The book documents the rise of the deluxe lingerie brand. This interest in luxury labels has led many young designers to chose lingerie as a creative outlet?conscious of fashion, but also with a clear view of their own "lingerie world".

Contemporary Lingerie Design features the work of 30 lingerie designers from around the world, bringing out the individuality of each designer and providing a compelling insight into their working methods. Beautifully illustrated throughout, it presents inspirational images from the designers' collections alongside their sketches and mood boards.

Contemporary-lingerie-design-lingerie-la-femme-books-for-lingerie-lovers-christmas-gift-guide-01 Contemporary-lingerie-design-lingerie-la-femme-books-for-lingerie-lovers-christmas-gift-guide-02

£35 Amazon


Lillian Bassman - Lingerie


Through the 1950s and the early 1960s, working with that era’s supermodels, fashion photographer Lillian Bassman created the quintessential modern feminine image of women in their lingerie. As Ginia Bellafante put it in the New York Times recently, “In place of heavyset women constraining themselves in what was essentially equipment, Ms. Bassman deployed immeasurably lithe models, conveying a world in which women seemed to linger in the pleasures of their own sensuality.” Fifty years later, these images have lost none of their allure, and the enormous cultural impact of the TV show Mad Men has given them new currency. This book provides a collection of sensual images from Lillian Bassman.Lillian-Bassman-lingerie-la-femme-books-for-lingerie-lovers-christmas-gift-guide-01 Lillian-Bassman-lingerie-la-femme-books-for-lingerie-lovers-christmas-gift-guide-02

£19.99 Amazon


Which book is your favourite? If we've missed out your favourite lingerie book let us know below... 



Loveday London is a label synonymous with luxury, leather and lace. Infusing all three elements, Loveday London's designs continue to seduce lingerie enthusiasts and major retail buyers.

Read on for exclusive interview with Luisa Loveday, the lady behind the label...

When did you start the brand?

Officially, I launched Loveday London in January 2014, at the Salon International De La Lingerie trade show in Paris. Unofficially though - the brand has been in my head for as long as I can remember. From when I was young, I always knew I wanted to develop a brand. I never knew what incarnation it would take but I was certain I was going to build something one day. Loveday is my middle name and I used to mix it with words to create brand names such as 'LuLu Loveday' or 'Loveday Loves' etc... I even went as far as to make logos in Microsoft Paint! Many years later, it was while I was at university that I finally bought the domain name The company was incorporated in 2011, 4 years before I launched the label. So it was definitely something that was going to happen... It was just a matter of timing.


What was your history before the brand? 

At university I studied Design Management for Fashion Retailing, it was a course very much focused on branding and marketing. In my final year I got a job with Agent Provocateur and after graduation that lead on to long terms roles with both Fleur of England and Coco De Mer. It was whilst at Coco de Mer I had the amazing opportunity to design for their own-label collections. I worked and designed for them for just under two years before the timing felt right. It was really a now or never moment, and I knew I needed to work on my own label.


What was your inspiration when conceptualising Loveday London? 

Loveday London is very much a marriage between my past experiences; where Fleur of England is so romantic, exquisite and classic. Coco de Mer is more innovative, sexual and at the hardcore end of the lingerie spectrum. I see Loveday London as mixture of those two brands, my career to date and my own style and tastes. I often use the term 'Hardcore Romance' to describe my aesthetic. My designs are beautiful and romantic but with a fierceness and intensity.


Tell me about your collections and what inspires them?

Our upcoming A/W 16 collection is inspired by Romeo and Juliet. For me that's the ultimate 'hardcore romance' love story. For each season we produce 3 collections and these can be inspired by anything from roses in the back garden to a Parisian woman's red lipstick, a particular lace or fabric, or even my printed table cloth. It comes organically from living my life. I gather inspiration from all around me - what I'm seeing and experiencing. I always have ideas in my head so some things are just waiting for the right moment to resurface.

What fabrics do you use and why?

We use luxury laces, pure silk and Italian Lamb Nappa leather. I work with some great suppliers and the leather is all sourced as a by-product of the meat industry. For me, garments that are just lace and silk don't have enough of a punch. Whereas, once you add the fine leather, the product becomes something much more special, more luxurious. Loveday London is particularly known for our use of coloured leather, it is really something our buyers and customers adore.

What sizes do you produce?

We work with our own-patented sizing system. Our bras are Small, Medium and Large. The way we have managed to do this is by inventing a way that the bra can be adjusted. We work with the principles of the cross grading system. Where a 34B and a 32C have the same cups. You can adjust our bras in 4 different places (under and across the shoulder blade, around the under-bust and at the straps), which allows the Small size to fit 36A, 34B & 32C, a Medium to fit 36B, 34C & 32D and a Large to fit 36C, 34D, 32DD. Overt cups are of course less size restricted so of course someone with a larger bust could easily fit into something we design. Also our suspenders are adjustable too. This system definitely makes it a lot easier for men to buy lingerie for their partners!


Do you have a typical type of customer?

Not at all. Our customers are equally men or women from a variety of different countries and backgrounds. While we are a luxury brand, I still feel our products are not overpriced and still attainable to anyone who wants to buy a special gift for themselves or someone they love. We sometimes hear from our customers, they reveal parts of their lives and relationships. I feel the one thing that links our customers is confidence. Loveday London is lingerie that is made to be seen and I feel all our customers’ posses a certain level of self-confidence.

Do you have an ideal celebrity customer? 

Daisy Lowe. She's a modern icon and everything a Loveday London customer embodies: glamour, confidence, sex appeal, femininity and strength. She's one of those women where all Men want to be with her and Women want to be her. She already has a few Loveday London pieces and I would love to work with her on a campaign in the future.


Do you have a muse?

Two: Mortica Adams and Jessica Rabbit. They are both fictional, comedic characters but iconic in their own right. They are deemed beautiful, sexy, provocative, elegant and I can completely imagine Mortica Adams in our Amoria Collection!

What is your biggest career moment?

It has to be obtaining Selfridges as a stockist for our first ever collection. Our collection Black Superstition sold very well and is now part of our Classics range. We now have 21 stockists worldwide. In London we're stocked in Dolci Follie and Coco de Mer. There is also Pleasurements in Amsterdam and Lily Blossom in Spain to name a few.


What do you think is the hardest hurdle when setting up a brand?

Cash flow is a big one, and time management - especially since I launched the brand whilst 7months pregnant! Luckily I have a great family that help out with childcare on occasions. It has definitely made me much more efficient with my time, I have even managed to work in my morning jog on the way to taking my baby to nursery.

Do you have any favourite brands you love to buy yourself?

Plenty, I’m currently obsessed with my Miista sky-high over the knee boots! I covet a lot of Vivienne Westwood's collections and can't live without my Kooples blazers. I love to mix high and low fashion. There is absolutely nothing wrong with buying from vintage and charity shops, I love hunting out exciting one-off pieces you just wouldn't find anywhere else. I love textures, print and dark rich colours.


What is next for the label?

I can't reveal too much but we are currently working on an addition to our boudoir range. At the moment the range consists of candles, cushion and quilts so it may (or may not) be something along those lines... It's still very early stages so I really can't say more! Also we're excited to be working with our first print for our A/W16 collection and In the new year we're planning to launch a blog to accompany our website.

To find out more about Loveday London and see their exquisite collections visit their website.



For The Love Of Lace





MAKE-UP ARTIST: DOMINIC PAUL  using Charlotte Tilbury

HAIR STYLIST: NICOLA HARROWELL using bumble and bumble


For-the-love-of-lace-lingerie-editorial-la-perla-lingerie-la-femme-bodysuit-01bodysuit LA PERLA For-the-love-of-lace-lingerie-editorial-edge-o-beyond-lingerie-la-femme-bodysuit-12 slip MIMI HOLLIDAY For-the-love-of-lace-lingerie-editorial-edge-o-beyond-lingerie-la-femme-bodysuit-08set and robe MYLAFor-the-love-of-lace-lingerie-editorial-myla-lingerie-la-femme-bodysuit-03bodysuit MAISON LEJABY For-the-love-of-lace-lingerie-editorial-la-perla-lingerie-la-femme-bodysuit-07lingerie set COCO DE MER For-the-love-of-lace-lingerie-editorial-edge-o-beyond-lingerie-la-femme-bodysuit-10lingerie I.D SARRIERIFor-the-love-of-lace-lingerie-editorial-edge-o-beyond-lingerie-la-femme-bodysuit-06lingerie and jewellery EDGE O'BEYONDFor-the-love-of-lace-lingerie-editorial-edge-o-beyond-lingerie-la-femme-bodysuit-11 lingerielafemme-nadiaking

For more lace lingerie inspiration visit our new For The Love Of Lace Pinterest board.