This summer over 100 students will graduate from the UK's 2 prestigious Fashion Contour degree courses.

One is the renowned De Montfort University Contour Fashion BA, celebrating it's 70th year running. The other is the up-and-coming Fashion Contour BA at the world famous London College Of Fashion.

We had the opportunity to visit both the De Montfort 70th Anniversary Graduate Catwalk Show and the LCF Graduate Presentation. Inspired by the student's innovation, we wanted to celebrate the next generation of creative talent by publishing a few of our favourites.

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Lily Rouse, London, creates innovative designs featuring the art of fabrication and manipulation under the influence of the natural forms of nature. The demi-couture brand is structured from intricate detailing emphasising femininity, sophistication and creativity. The inspiration comes from the concept of underwear as outerwear, introducing pieces that can be worn as evening-wear or at events but are constructed through lingerie components to contour the female body.

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Abigail's Natsumi collection is inspired by Japanese temples and shires with traditional Japanese shapes with a western, modern influence. Hand-painted print from original photograph of the Nachi temple in Japan.

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Intimate Experiments


Do you ever dream of a world where you have a lingerie solution for every conceivable outfit and occasion?

Me too.

Unfortunately building the perfect lingerie wardrobe takes a lot of time, trial and error. There is no easy route or quick fix to underwear utopia.

Apparently there are seven different types of breasts and there are countless body shapes and size combinations. What may work for one woman may not work for you. There's no avoiding it - in order find the perfect underpinnings to suit your shape, size and lifestyle you need to be open to experimentation.

The results can vary - sometimes you find a life-enhancing bra or a game-changing ensemble but sometimes you end up with a yeast infection or a pair Spanx so tight they cause indigestion.

It's just an awkward, often embarrassing and sometimes liberating part of life's journey and there is nothing we love more than watching these very real, honest and funny experiments on Youtube.



Women With Big Boobs Wear Strapless Bras For A Week



Women Wear Expensive Lingerie For A Week



Women go Braless for a Week



Women Try Period Panties



The Try Guys Try Valentine's Day Lingerie



Beija Flor is a brand new lingerie label. Having launched only 4 days ago! Last month I had the pleasure of visiting their studio and finding out more about the Luxury London based brand. 

Read on for our exclusive interview with Abbie and Mazie, the two sisters behind the label ...

Tell me about your brand.

Abbie: Beija Flor is a modern, minimalist and urban lingerie brand. We wanted to make lingerie that we, and women we know, would wear. Our aim was to make underwear that reflected our outerwear choices. Clean, simple, sexy pieces you can wear under your suit.

Mazie: Our X, Y, Z ethos is an integral part of our brand. It was essential that we were able to offer up to a G cup. We imagine 3 friends sitting around a table. One’s an A cup, one’s a B cup and the other is a G - why can’t they shop at the same place? They all have a similar taste and want the same aesthetic so it seems unreasonable to us that the G cup has to go to specialist larger-cup retailer.

Abbie: Bigger-cup brands often go for a retro, almost burlesque, feel and shape. But just because you have bigger boobs it doesn’t mean you want that look!


When did you start the brand?

Mazie: We officially started working on the brand just under a year ago, in February 2015. Abbie had just come back from living in Brazil in January so we moved pretty quickly! We flirted with the idea of launching to trade but it meant we would have to wait till September 2016 to launch properly!

Abbie: We knew we wanted to do things differently. While it was scary at times, we decided not stick to the traditional seasons and launch early. So we’re debuting what was originally our A/W16 collection in January and we’ll be adding new things onto the site every 8-9 weeks. It’s liberating to know that we can sell our products whenever we want!


So when is the launch date?

Abbie: We officially launch on the 6th January. It’s the day the website will go live! We’re really proud of it; we’ve worked with a great web designer to produce something that is truly sleek and beautiful. There’s also a video. We’ll be unveiling it on the website and then showing it again at our launch party on the 12th January.


What was your history before the brand, did you always want to get into lingerie? 

Mazie: We grew up around lingerie. Our mum started Aura, a company which designs and supplies lingerie to the UK high street. There were always pants and bras on our kitchen table! Abbie was a size 34B at the time so her wardrobe was always bursting with free lingerie samples.

Abbie: Yes, it was amazing!

Mazie: It’s a great industry but I never knew what I’d end up doing. I studied Business and was working for a small menswear label before we started Beija Flor.

Abbie: I didn’t know either. I studied Footwear Design at Cordwainers. But lingerie is too good an industry not to be involved. Through our parents we have access to amazingly talented people and resources most start-ups only dream of. It would be silly not to try - if we had never given it a go, we’d always wonder “What if?”


I love the name, is there a story behind it?

Abbie: Beija Flor means ‘Hummingbird’ in Portuguese. They’re beautiful and eye-catching but also very minimalist. There’s nothing excessive about it, no huge feathers or oversized wings! It’s just attractive and simple.

Mazie: We feel the hummingbird reflects our brand really well - it’s neat, tidy and precise. Beija Flor is to-the-point lingerie, no bells, no whistles.


Do you have a muse?

Abbie: We don’t have one particular muse, we’re inspired by lots of different women. We idolize women who are kicking ass and doing things for themselves.

Mazie: We love #GIRLBOSS and the whole spirit behind it. I read the book by Nastygal founder, Sophia Amoruso, and found it inspiring. We also have a lot of respect for women such as Sophia Webster and Sharmadean Reid (The WAH Nails founder) - Women who have created their own businesses from nothing and achieved phenomenal success.


Do you have an ideal celebrity customer? 

Yes, we have three: Clémence Poésy, Alexa Chung and Chloe Sevigny. They’re awesome; they have effortless style and great taste!


What was the inspiration behind your first collection?

Abbie: Our first collection is called ‘Without Exception’. It was inspired by the many women we spoke to during our market research. For our first collection we wanted to master the basics - Black, white and ‘nude’. The ‘nude’ for us is our walnut colour and we decided to add in a grey as it compliments so many skin tones.

Mazie: Our next collection, which is called the ‘Mombasa’ range, is a little crazier. The fabric was the main source of inspiration; we always start designing with the fabrics and colour cards first.


What fabrics do you use and why?

We use European fabrics such as French lace and tricot, Italian cotton and satin and Spanish swimwear materials. The quality of the cloth is important to us and we find European fabrics are the best quality.


What sizes do you produce?

Our bra backs go from 32-36 and Cups AA-G.

X = AA-B.

Y = B – D.

Z =DD – G.

Knickers and suspenders are size 1 (6-8), 2 (10-12) and 3 (14-16)

We hope in the future to expand our size range to be even more all-inclusive. A G cup really isn’t that big these days!

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 11.43.45

What is your biggest career moment?

Mazie: I don’t feel we’ve had one major career moment yet... although lots of great little things have happened. We were thrilled when the founder of Mother Meetings, one of the networking groups we belong to, followed us on Instagram and sent us a XX.

Abbie: I agree! Also getting production and tote bags, we were worried our stuff was going to be late so it was a relief when it arrived. Also the technical team, who have extensive experience with lingerie and really high standards, have started wearing our designs. It's such a huge compliment.


What is next for the label?

As well as preparing for the launch we're currently working on our Spring/Summer range. We'll be introducing swimwear next season. Also eventually we'd like to get into some stockists. Harrods and Selfridges would be amazing. And we're also looking at independent boutiques - there are some great ones, such as Goodhood in Shoreditch, that beautifully curate their stock.

To find out more about Beija Flor and visit their shiny new website London: click here.


Game On






Following on from the previous article, Our editorial ‘Game On’ introduces the best sport-luxe lingerie. Whilst these bras may not stand up to much in the gym, they are certainly comfortable and perfect as underwear or outerwear....


SPORTS-LUXE-fitness-apparel-fashion-editorial-lingerie-underwear-for-sports-grey-alexander-wang-bra-crop-top-01BRA | T BY ALEXANDER WANG

SPORTS-LUXE-fitness-apparel-fashion-editorial-lingerie-underwear-for-sports-grey-alexander-wang-bra-crop-top-04BRA | NO KA'OI

SPORTS-LUXE-fitness-apparel-fashion-editorial-lingerie-underwear-for-sports-monochrome-love-stories-soft-bra-05BRA | LOVE STORIES SPORTS-LUXE-fitness-apparel-fashion-editorial-lingerie-underwear-for-sports-monochrome-victorias-secret-soft-bra-09BRA BY THE UPSIDE | KNICKERS BY NOE UNDERGARMENTS

SPORTS-LUXE-fitness-apparel-fashion-editorial-lingerie-underwear-for-sports-monochrome-victorias-secret-soft-bra-07BRA | LIVE THE PROCESSSPORTS-LUXE-fitness-apparel-fashion-editorial-lingerie-underwear-for-sports-monochrome-victorias-secret-soft-bra-08






As they say "An image is worth a thousand words". So in that case, this must be a dissertation on sexual desire. My favourite lingerie boutique Coco De Mer have recently launched a video hoping to engage people in a new liberated conversation around desire. Shot by an ensemble of directors and photographers, the video is a roller-coaster ride of images, immersing the viewer in the deepest desires of the erotic imagination. The video will run online via the Coco De Mer website and nationwide in cinemas. Click below for a peek at the trailer and we also have a link to the full (rated 18) version at the bottom...


[video width="1280" height="720" mp4=""][/video]



The erotic mind doesn’t quite get the same attention that other parts of life’s rich tapestry do. The erotic appetite is, for many, subdued, denied, un-begun.

Those delights that fascinate our senses, like cuisine, design, fashion, and even our more base pastimes such as celebrity gossip, occupy the cultural psyche in a myriad of forms from books to magazines to TV programmes.

But not matters erotic. They’re strangely limited and repressed.

Everyone has become conditioned to consigning such imagination in this area to a Christmas treat or perhaps a special moment in the first flight of infatuation.

By opening up a more playful conversation on the subject we hope to investigate the exhilarating scope of the erotic mind, delve into where it comes from and how it develops.

We intend to define our brand in this philosophy by becoming the voice of the erotic imagination and generating a powerful progressive energy around the subject.

We believe that the hunger for a more sensitive and intelligent resource on this subject can unlock a virtual storm of information. By truly engaging in the full breadth and depth of a conversation about these things, we can reach a better understanding of, and connection to, what is truly sexual. Our aim is to understand the nuance of human sexual fantasies, and to fulfil them with a greater degree of art and accuracy in our brand offering. We should endeavour to make the human heart beat as it is supposed to.

Yes, a little superficial dabbling is fun in itself, but the true agenda for Coco de Mer is to have those appetites more fully embraced and to help modify behaviour in that direction. In the film, when we declare ‘We can help you think about sex more’ we want to elevate the experiences, to redefine the attention and consideration you give it.


Aveta Bow Bra and Knickers


Persephone Body

coco-de-mer-video-05 coco-de-mer-video-08

Sylph Half Cup Front Fastening Bra and Thong







camisole THE ROW | bra INTIMISSIMI | jeans J BRANDintimissimi-lingerie-lace-bra-product-3-web

underwear-as-outerwear-lingerie-models-1-maison-close-leather-bra-10jeans J BRAND | blazer THEORY | leather bra MAISON CLOSE | harness MAISON CLOSE 

New for 2015

Lingerie La Femme presents a subtle take on the much loved underwear-as-outerwear trend. Work your favourite lingerie into your wardrobe for a look that is sexy without showing too much skin.


jeans J BRAND | silk crepe tank AMERICAN VINTAGE | lace bra AGENT PROVOCATEURAGENT-PROVOCATEUR-lingerie-LACE-bra-blue-product-8-web underwear-as-outerwear-lingerie-models-1-agent-provocateur-lace-bra-09shirt THAKOON ADDITION | lace bra AGENT PROVOCATEURAGENT-PROVOCATEUR-lingerie-LACE-bra-product-7


jeans J BRAND | shirt AMERICAN VINTAGE | bra BORDELLEbordelle-lingerie-lace-bra-product-4-webunderwear-as-outerwear-lingerie-models-1-chromat-coco-de-mer-bra-08

jeans J BRAND | draped top DONNA KARAN | bra CHROMAT AT COCO DE MURchromat-lingerie-coco-de-mur-bra-product-5--web underwear-as-outerwear-lingerie-models-1-karolina-laskowska-bow-bra-07jeans J BRAND | shirt AMERICAN VINTAGE | bra KAROLINA LASKOWSKAkarolina-laskowska-lingerie-silk-harness-product-2-webunderwear-as-outerwear-lingerie-models-1-malice-cage-bra-03jumpsuit MICHAEL KORS | bra MALICE LINGERIE malice-lingerie-cage-bra-product-1-web underwear-as-outerwear-lingerie-models-1-malice-cage-bra-05




MODEL  BEATRIZ @ MODELS 1lingerielafemme-nadiaking