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Do you ever dream of a world where you have a lingerie solution for every conceivable outfit and occasion?

Me too.

Unfortunately building the perfect lingerie wardrobe takes a lot of time, trial and error. There is no easy route or quick fix to underwear utopia.

Apparently there are seven different types of breasts and there are countless body shapes and size combinations. What may work for one woman may not work for you. There's no avoiding it - in order find the perfect underpinnings to suit your shape, size and lifestyle you need to be open to experimentation.

The results can vary - sometimes you find a life-enhancing bra or a game-changing ensemble but sometimes you end up with a yeast infection or a pair Spanx so tight they cause indigestion.

It's just an awkward, often embarrassing and sometimes liberating part of life's journey and there is nothing we love more than watching these very real, honest and funny experiments on Youtube.



Women With Big Boobs Wear Strapless Bras For A Week



Women Wear Expensive Lingerie For A Week



Women go Braless for a Week



Women Try Period Panties



The Try Guys Try Valentine's Day Lingerie

Bon Voyage!

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We are looking for women to help us showcase body diversity! Regardless of your shape, size, age, ethnicity or chroma-zone combination, we want to hear from you...

Casting_chairs_lingerie_la_femme_la_vie_en_lingerie_models_wanted_04The #Beauty Manifesto is a big part of Lingerie La Femme and one of my main goals when setting up LLF was to showcase body diversity.


The media is getting better at showing body diversity with shows like Girls and plus-size models securing major campaigns but I still think there is a long way to go.


For our upcoming La Vie En Lingerie interviews, I would like to take a step further and invite readers to take part. You will be invited to one of our monthly photo-shoots in London. Hair and make-up, styling advice and help with posing is provided - you do not need to have any previous experience.  We want to hear your stories, showcase your personal style and celebrate your natural beauty.


If you have ever considered a Boudoir shoot or fancy stepping out of your comfort zone then this is your opportunity.


To apply simply email a short bio and let us know why you're interested in shooting for Lingerie La Femme.


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The Finer Details


Can you spot-the-difference?

Photoshop is every where and it surprises me that there are still very few articles out there that call out the techniques used. I feel it's important for everyone to understand how it works so they can be a better judge of the images they're exposed to. The Finer Details provides a fun way to get acquainted...


Click on the image below to make it bigger.

the-final-details-comparison-image-bluebella-lingerie-photoshop-tricks-01LINGERIE | BLUEBELLA





The Lipstick

A technique often used in the beauty industry...We've all seen those hair dye packages with the same shot and a different hair colour. I'm not a big fan of  unnecessary photoshop- fakery so I tend not to use this a lot - Why not just change the lip colour in the first place? it would save hours of editing EVERY image later. However, I do use it occasionally - to enhance red hair or conceal a particularly OTT fake tan.


The Choker

The choker has been removed... Because sometimes you change your mind.


The Suspender Belt

Remember the Black And Blue Dress?...Well... this isn't exactly like that. That was crazy mind trickery and this is photo-shop. We used two different suspender belts, Bluebella carry this design in both black & white and black & pink. Halfway through the shoot we swapped them over and then I worked a little photo-shop magic.


The Stockings

The nude stockings were changed to black. Its a similar technique to the one used to replace limbs.


The Background

Location shoots are great but they come with their problems - namely unexpected objects in the background! Whether its a miss-placed waste bin or a roaming crew member/ workman or cat. There are often distracting things to edit out - here we just edited out a black line.


If you are a retoucher and would like to contribute to The Finer Details please get in touch.




Anna is a lingerie and fitness model who has worked with a variety of brands from the much coveted Gilda & Pearl to the world renowned Rigby & Peller. An ex-swimmer turned lingerie model, Anna has also launched her own swimwear label Beach Heart.


Here Anna discusses her life, her style and her swimwear obsession...


Hi Anna, tell me about yourself:

Hi, I'm a full time model signed to First Model Management. Over the past two years I've worked with a number of lingerie brands from Gilda & Pearl to Rigby & Peller. I'm originally from the Lake District and I didn't always plan to get into modelling. I have a degree in english so I went into marketing for a couple of years before I got scouted. Now I love my job, everyday is different! and one day I'd like to progress into presenting and acting too.

1103webHow would you describe your style?

My style is basic, uncomplicated. I wear a lot of denim and black, a pair of jeans and a shirt - that kind of thing. In the summer I love wearing playsuits as you can just throw them on and go.  My favourite high street shops are Zara, Reiss and Whistles and Calvin Klein is my favourite designer, he epitomizes my aesthetic.


Would you say your lingerie fits into that style or do you like to express yourself differently underneath?

Its a little sexier but not too much. I don't anything with a lot of padding but I do like silk and lace lingerie. A lacy triangle bra or comfortable silk balconette bra are the sorts of underwear I go for.

174webAnd how about your swimwear?

My swimwear is a lot more playful! I love prints and colourful bikinis, I'm pretty obsessed with swimwear. My favourite piece is a red plunging halter neck swimsuit that I designed myself, along with my sister Heather, for our own swimwear label Beach Heart. It's simple, not padded and really flattering. We design our own prints and incorporate all out favourite elements into our swimwear such as tie side knickers, cut outs and halter necks etc... I love going to Ibiza and also hope to go back to the Maldives, where I spent my honeymoon. Me and Heather both love travelling and holidays so it seemed natural for us to go into launching our own swimwear label.


Do you have a favourite set of lingerie?

It really depends on my mood. I change my mind a lot! I guess if I had to pick one I would choose my Victoria's Secret nude strapless bra, its comfortable and I seem to be wearing it a lot at the moment.


How do you feel about your body image?

I'm happy with my figure. As a model you really have to be comfortable with yourself. You'll go to one job and they'll say you're too small and then you'll go to another and they'll say your too big. You can't please everybody! It's better to just be happy, look after yourself and don't give in to the pressure of people wanting you to look a certain way. I have sweet tooth and don't deny myself treats when I want them. I do a lot of fitness modelling which involves exercising for a long time under bright lights, and I run mosts days, so my lifestyle it keeps me fit.


What do you think makes a woman sexy? 

A sense of humour is sexy on anybody, man or woman. It's great when somebody doesn't take themselves too seriously.


black-balconette-lingerie-bra-la-perla-stella-mccartney-calvin-kleinLA PERLA | STELLA MCCCARTNEY | CALVIN KLEIN

swimwear-anna-clough-beach-heart-vix BEACH HEART | I.D SARRIERI | BEACH HEART VIX 


The Finer Details



Can you spot-the-difference?

Photoshop is every where and it surprises me that there are still very few articles out there that call out the techniques used. I feel it's important for everyone to understand how it works so they can be a better judge of the images they're exposed to. The Finer Details is a new monthly feature providing a fun way to get acquainted...


Click on the image below to make it bigger. anna-clough-first-models-photo-shop-reveal-tricks-tips-examples-body-image-enhancement-01LINGERIE | LOVE STORIES



The Stripes

Clothes are not exempt from a little retouching here are there. Even after the most rigorous steaming, wrinkles/ marks/ make-up stains etc.. can often be found on samples. The plan is always to return them in perfect condition but after being shipped to publication after publication sometimes you get them in less-than-stella form. Nobody in their right minds looking to sell this lingerie set would photo-shop out such a defining feature but I wanted to keep things easy to start off with...


The Shirt

Another obvious amendment to spot. This can,and often is, applied to hair colour, eye colour, make-up and clothes etc...


The Ring

One of the rings were retouched out.


The Buttons

Because buttons are unsightly and therefore ruins the whole photo.. obvs.


The Hair Tie

I wouldn't like to calculate the amount of lost hours spent photo-shopping out hair ties. Even though I often have hundreds of images to choose from, chances are I'll go for the one taken within the first 5 minutes of the photo-shoot when I've failed to notice the hair tie!


The Thong

No stylists kit is complete without a nude thong. As mentioned before, samples are often sent out to many magazines so a nude thong is a must have on a photo-shoot. One other, less comfortable way deal with particularly small underpinnings is to use masking tape on the gusset.


The Legs

Dodge and Burn are some incredibly important tools to any retoucher. They help to add depth to an image and in this case define a models legs. The dodge tool is used to bring out cheekbones, illuminate eyes, boost a cleavage or emphazise a little shine. The Burn tool is used to slim down and define, often used to deepen collarbones and define the jaw, muscles, arms, legs etc. Think of it as digital contouring- the dodge tool is your highlighter and the burn tool your bronzer.


If you are a retoucher and would like to contribute to The Finer Details please get in touch.




Tess is a full time model and self-confessed Sapiosexual. Here she shares her style, life and much loved lingerie…



Hi Tess, tell me about yourself:

I’m a full time model currently signed with Leni’s model management, I’ve been modelling for just over a year now and I love it! My mother was a model so it felt like a natural decision. We entered a mother & daughter modelling competition in Paris for Comptoir des Cotonniers, I enjoyed it so much I decided to go into it full time. Natalia Vodianova is my favourite supermodel, she incredibly beautiful and a great role model – she founded the Naked Heart Foundation.


How would you describe your style?

Clean and sophisticated - with a bit of an edge. Monochrome pieces are essential for my wardrobe! I don’t wear a lot colour so I prefer to experiment with the cut and texture of a garment. My go to brands are Zadig & Voltaire and The Kooples. I love their aesthetic.


Would you say your lingerie fits into that style or do you like to express yourself differently underneath?

It would say it fits - I love sexy sophisticated lingerie. I wear a lot of La Perla, their soft bras are incredible. Although, as a model, I do tend to live in strapless nude bras and thongs!


And how about your swimwear?

I travel a lot with work so I really invest in my swimwear. I’m been fortunate to travel to some amazing places so it’s only right I have a great bikini to match. I particularly love Missoni prints and neon bikinis – pretty much the opposite of my outerwear look.


 Do you have a favorite set of lingerie?

Yes, my red La Perla set. Its sexy and I love the tie side knickers… My lingerie draw pretty much only consists of black and red lingerie.


How do you feel about your body image?

I’m happy with my body. I used to be a dancer so I’ve always kept in shape. When you push your body through dance or exercise, you start to appreciate your body for what it can do as well as what it looks like.


Do you have any words of advice to aspiring models?

Its more difficult and definitely not as glamorous than you imagine. But if you put in the hard work, the rewards are amazing!

Life-in-lingerie-real-beauty-model-tess-leni's-models-08HAIR / MAKE-UP BY KATIE MOOREget-the-looklingerie-edit-black-chemise-stella-mccartney-agent-provovateur-la-perlaSTELLA MCCARTNEY | L'ARGENT BY AGENT PROVOCATEUR | LA PERLA



swimwear-missoni-neon-print-bikiniETRO | MISSONI | MARA HOFFMAN