Hi Mai, tell me about yourself -

I’m Danish and moved to London 2 years ago. I'm a certified lifestyle coach working as a fitness instructor and I’m about to finish my qualification as a personal trainer. Also I’m currently studying integrative nutrition so I'll be a holistic health coach later on this year. Aside from that I also write a blog called Nordic Earthchild. It’s focused on holistic health and I try to write positive things and have a positive impact on women’s lives. I write funny stories and healthy recipes as well as helpful articles on how to balance life. There is so much pressure on women these days - career pressure, the pressure of being a mum and the pressure to look amazing. Women have to juggle all of these different factors and it’s really difficult to balance of all this without neglecting yourself as a person. I’m a big fan of Yoga. I do Iyengar­, Hatha and Vinyasa yoga – I haven’t committed to just one practice. And I’m a bit of a traveller. Straight after university I worked in Vietnam for 3 months in a development project. After that I just continued travelling the world. I’ve attended Buddhist retreats in Nepal and I studied for a diving certificate in the Philippines. I’ve also been to Australia, Bali, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada and Iceland – and two years ago I decided to finally settle down in London.


How would you describe your style?

My style is eclectic and a little hippie-ish. My boyfriend calls me a ‘luxury hippie’ - my style is bohemian but I still like high-end brands such as Missoni. Recently, as I’ve been spending more time working out, I’ve been getting more into active wear. I love the online shop Hip & Healthy as it stocks great Australian brands in the UK.


Would you say your lingerie fits into you that style or do you like to express yourself differently or experiment underneath?

Yes, I would say it’s similar to my outerwear style - my lingerie style is eclectic too! I like black and I like lace... but I also have a lot of colour sets. I like to keep things simple and black lace is stylish, elegant and sexy. I occasionally wear stockings and suspenders but it’s not natural - it feels like equipment! I don’t wear a lot of makeup and I don’t like overdone look - heels, stockings, suspenders, thong, push-up bra etc… my lingerie style is much more laid back and natural.


What are your favourite fashion and lingerie designers/ brands?

I love the French lingerie brand Etam. They do great things that are feminine and full lace and the price is really reasonable. Agent Provocateur do amazing things if you want something special and go all out. Also Victoria’s Secret has a few nice things but it’s hard to find many sets in there as they do so many push up bras - I like things that are sexy but not vulgar!


What’s your favourite set of lingerie and why?

The black lace bralette I wore in the shoot is my favourite. It feels like I’m not wearing anything. I always get a shower when I come home and then slip into that - it’s a great top to help you wind down.


What's your worst lingerie purchase? 

Recently I got a lace bra from American Apparel. I didn’t try it on and when I got home I realised the cups were cut too deep - my nipples were popping out! In the store it looked amazing but it’s impractical. Also I’m not a fan of thongs, I bought one to try it out but that was another terrible purchase.


Do you have a lot of swimwear?

Yes, I’ve been collecting different swimwear on my travels. I collect bikinis as souvenirs. I have ones from Bali, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, and Italy etc… I don’t buy copies or knock-offs - I like to buy from real local designers. I don’t buy high street mass-produced swimwear. If I bought a bikini from H&M, I’d hate the thought that I can go anywhere in the world and somebody else will be wearing that bikini!


How would you describe your body image?

I have a relaxed body image. Today I take my emotional health into consideration and diets don't really account for that. It's all about having a balanced lifestyle with room for everything - healthy juices, vegetables as well as chocolate and red wine! Taking care of my body is about being happy and living the life I want for myself - that's also what I help my clients establish. You'll never get your dream body if you're not happy and don't listen to yourself because then we just fall into bad habits. The body is your friend - treat it with trust, respect and love.


Are there any words of wisdom you like to live your life by?

I have a little mantra instead – “This is me, this is who I am”. It’s from one of the retreats I did in Nepal. So many people don’t do things, as they’re afraid of what might happen and what people might think. This mantra reminds me to accept myself and not be afraid of other people’s judgements.











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