Hi, tell me about yourself:

Hi, My name is Fifi. I live in Indonesia but travel to London so often it feels like a second home. I work in Infrastructure and Property full-time but also model and create content for brands part-time. It’s a hobby and passion of mine, I love creating videos and photo-shoots and sharing my experiences and travels with the world. It all started 3 years ago, I had a good following on social media and brands such as Dior and SK-II started to approach me about being an ambassador and creating content for them. I wouldn’t go as far as to label myself as a pro-blogger as this isn’t my full-time profession and I only work with brands I love and use so it feels more organic.


How would you describe your fashion style?

It can vary wildly depending on the occasion. To the office I always wear something tailored in neutral colours, such as a pencil skirt and vest, pant suit or skirt suit. When I’m not working I go for something basic and versatile such as jeans, and a white shirt or a knitted dress. I love brands such as Maje, Sandro and The Kooples, although I mostly shop online at Shopbop or Revolve Clothing.

On rare occasions I dress up as my alter ego, Viper Rose. She is sensual, confident and at times provocative without neglecting elegance and sophistication. She is another part of my modelling/content work as I often get hired to host events and guest star in fashion shows, often for club openings or Champagne/ liquor product launches. Viper Rose always wears something sexy and sophisticated, usually by Balmain or David Koma.


Would you say your lingerie fits into you that style or do you like to express yourself differently or experiment underneath?

Yes, my lingerie is just as versatile as my outerwear. I always embrace my sensuality through using the right lingerie for my personality and body type.

Daily, I wear more basic lingerie such as Calvin Klein or Cosabella. It's important to me to wear the right underwear for my outfit so when i'm wearing a tight dress I'll opt for a seamless g-string or with jeans i'll choose a hipster knicker so it doesn't show above the waistband.

On special occasions, such a date night or big event, I like to be more daring. I enjoy dressing up in more sensual lingerie with lace, beads and even feathers sometimes - I feel it enhances my femininity and sensuality. My special lingerie is a kept separate from my everyday lingerie. I have a separate wardrobe and set of drawers. I see my lingerie as collectors items and every piece has it's own special place.


What are your favourite fashion and lingerie designers/ brands?

My favourite luxury labels are La Perla, Coco De Mer, Atsuko Kudo and Bordelle. I have the iconic Bordelle girdle dress in my collection but I haven't worn it outside yet, I just don't know where to wear it!

I also love Agent Provocateur, Gooseberry Intimates and For Love and Lemons. I love their fabrics and the sensuality of their designs.


What’s your favourite set of lingerie and why?

I don't have favourite set because I collect lingerie and each set is special in it's own way. However, my biggest splurge has to be my embellished corset (see here) - it cost more than my wedding gown! It was custom made in San Francisco by Dark Garden who make costumes for Dita Von Teese, and the corset was ornamented in Swarovski crystals by Catherine D'Lish.

Do you have any favourite Indonesian lingerie or swimwear labels?

Unfortunately there are not many Indonesian labels but a lot of overseas brands do make their lingerie and swimwear here. Two brands made here that I like are Indah clothing and Saucha.


Do you have any favourite swimwear brands?

My favourite Swimwear label is Minimale Animale, because the cut of their suits is super sexy! I also love Indah, Agent Provocateur as the fit is great.

How would you describe your body image?

Right now I have a healthy body image, I maintain my body by eating healthy and exercising. But when I was younger it was very popular to be skinny - it wasn't desirable to have curves at all. I didn't like my figure and started crash dieting, which eventually led to bulimia. I had long journey to fight it but I love and accept my body now. When you travel you see different women of all shapes, sizes and skin colours, it makes you realise we're not all meant to look the same and you have to embrace your own kind of beauty. I've made two youtube videos on the subject on my youtube channel. 

I love my body and Weight Loss Transformation, Story & Journey

What's your worst lingerie purchase?

My worst purchase was when I was younger and hated my body. Back then I was insecure having boobs because in the late 90's the trend was no boobs like Kate Moss and Shalom Harlow. I used to wear a minimiser bra or full coverage bra to hide them.

That was until the Victoria Secret and Lindsay Lohan era, when curves were back, and I finally embraced my shape and got rid of those ugly bras!


Are there any words of wisdom you like to live your life by?

Embrace who you are and make the most of it.


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