Loveday London is a label synonymous with luxury, leather and lace. Infusing all three elements, Loveday London's designs continue to seduce lingerie enthusiasts and major retail buyers.

Read on for exclusive interview with Luisa Loveday, the lady behind the label...

When did you start the brand?

Officially, I launched Loveday London in January 2014, at the Salon International De La Lingerie trade show in Paris. Unofficially though - the brand has been in my head for as long as I can remember. From when I was young, I always knew I wanted to develop a brand. I never knew what incarnation it would take but I was certain I was going to build something one day. Loveday is my middle name and I used to mix it with words to create brand names such as 'LuLu Loveday' or 'Loveday Loves' etc... I even went as far as to make logos in Microsoft Paint! Many years later, it was while I was at university that I finally bought the domain name The company was incorporated in 2011, 4 years before I launched the label. So it was definitely something that was going to happen... It was just a matter of timing.


What was your history before the brand? 

At university I studied Design Management for Fashion Retailing, it was a course very much focused on branding and marketing. In my final year I got a job with Agent Provocateur and after graduation that lead on to long terms roles with both Fleur of England and Coco De Mer. It was whilst at Coco de Mer I had the amazing opportunity to design for their own-label collections. I worked and designed for them for just under two years before the timing felt right. It was really a now or never moment, and I knew I needed to work on my own label.


What was your inspiration when conceptualising Loveday London? 

Loveday London is very much a marriage between my past experiences; where Fleur of England is so romantic, exquisite and classic. Coco de Mer is more innovative, sexual and at the hardcore end of the lingerie spectrum. I see Loveday London as mixture of those two brands, my career to date and my own style and tastes. I often use the term 'Hardcore Romance' to describe my aesthetic. My designs are beautiful and romantic but with a fierceness and intensity.


Tell me about your collections and what inspires them?

Our upcoming A/W 16 collection is inspired by Romeo and Juliet. For me that's the ultimate 'hardcore romance' love story. For each season we produce 3 collections and these can be inspired by anything from roses in the back garden to a Parisian woman's red lipstick, a particular lace or fabric, or even my printed table cloth. It comes organically from living my life. I gather inspiration from all around me - what I'm seeing and experiencing. I always have ideas in my head so some things are just waiting for the right moment to resurface.

What fabrics do you use and why?

We use luxury laces, pure silk and Italian Lamb Nappa leather. I work with some great suppliers and the leather is all sourced as a by-product of the meat industry. For me, garments that are just lace and silk don't have enough of a punch. Whereas, once you add the fine leather, the product becomes something much more special, more luxurious. Loveday London is particularly known for our use of coloured leather, it is really something our buyers and customers adore.

What sizes do you produce?

We work with our own-patented sizing system. Our bras are Small, Medium and Large. The way we have managed to do this is by inventing a way that the bra can be adjusted. We work with the principles of the cross grading system. Where a 34B and a 32C have the same cups. You can adjust our bras in 4 different places (under and across the shoulder blade, around the under-bust and at the straps), which allows the Small size to fit 36A, 34B & 32C, a Medium to fit 36B, 34C & 32D and a Large to fit 36C, 34D, 32DD. Overt cups are of course less size restricted so of course someone with a larger bust could easily fit into something we design. Also our suspenders are adjustable too. This system definitely makes it a lot easier for men to buy lingerie for their partners!


Do you have a typical type of customer?

Not at all. Our customers are equally men or women from a variety of different countries and backgrounds. While we are a luxury brand, I still feel our products are not overpriced and still attainable to anyone who wants to buy a special gift for themselves or someone they love. We sometimes hear from our customers, they reveal parts of their lives and relationships. I feel the one thing that links our customers is confidence. Loveday London is lingerie that is made to be seen and I feel all our customers’ posses a certain level of self-confidence.

Do you have an ideal celebrity customer? 

Daisy Lowe. She's a modern icon and everything a Loveday London customer embodies: glamour, confidence, sex appeal, femininity and strength. She's one of those women where all Men want to be with her and Women want to be her. She already has a few Loveday London pieces and I would love to work with her on a campaign in the future.


Do you have a muse?

Two: Mortica Adams and Jessica Rabbit. They are both fictional, comedic characters but iconic in their own right. They are deemed beautiful, sexy, provocative, elegant and I can completely imagine Mortica Adams in our Amoria Collection!

What is your biggest career moment?

It has to be obtaining Selfridges as a stockist for our first ever collection. Our collection Black Superstition sold very well and is now part of our Classics range. We now have 21 stockists worldwide. In London we're stocked in Dolci Follie and Coco de Mer. There is also Pleasurements in Amsterdam and Lily Blossom in Spain to name a few.


What do you think is the hardest hurdle when setting up a brand?

Cash flow is a big one, and time management - especially since I launched the brand whilst 7months pregnant! Luckily I have a great family that help out with childcare on occasions. It has definitely made me much more efficient with my time, I have even managed to work in my morning jog on the way to taking my baby to nursery.

Do you have any favourite brands you love to buy yourself?

Plenty, I’m currently obsessed with my Miista sky-high over the knee boots! I covet a lot of Vivienne Westwood's collections and can't live without my Kooples blazers. I love to mix high and low fashion. There is absolutely nothing wrong with buying from vintage and charity shops, I love hunting out exciting one-off pieces you just wouldn't find anywhere else. I love textures, print and dark rich colours.


What is next for the label?

I can't reveal too much but we are currently working on an addition to our boudoir range. At the moment the range consists of candles, cushion and quilts so it may (or may not) be something along those lines... It's still very early stages so I really can't say more! Also we're excited to be working with our first print for our A/W16 collection and In the new year we're planning to launch a blog to accompany our website.

To find out more about Loveday London and see their exquisite collections visit their website.