As they say "An image is worth a thousand words". So in that case, this must be a dissertation on sexual desire. My favourite lingerie boutique Coco De Mer have recently launched a video hoping to engage people in a new liberated conversation around desire. Shot by an ensemble of directors and photographers, the video is a roller-coaster ride of images, immersing the viewer in the deepest desires of the erotic imagination. The video will run online via the Coco De Mer website and nationwide in cinemas. Click below for a peek at the trailer and we also have a link to the full (rated 18) version at the bottom...


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The erotic mind doesn’t quite get the same attention that other parts of life’s rich tapestry do. The erotic appetite is, for many, subdued, denied, un-begun.

Those delights that fascinate our senses, like cuisine, design, fashion, and even our more base pastimes such as celebrity gossip, occupy the cultural psyche in a myriad of forms from books to magazines to TV programmes.

But not matters erotic. They’re strangely limited and repressed.

Everyone has become conditioned to consigning such imagination in this area to a Christmas treat or perhaps a special moment in the first flight of infatuation.

By opening up a more playful conversation on the subject we hope to investigate the exhilarating scope of the erotic mind, delve into where it comes from and how it develops.

We intend to define our brand in this philosophy by becoming the voice of the erotic imagination and generating a powerful progressive energy around the subject.

We believe that the hunger for a more sensitive and intelligent resource on this subject can unlock a virtual storm of information. By truly engaging in the full breadth and depth of a conversation about these things, we can reach a better understanding of, and connection to, what is truly sexual. Our aim is to understand the nuance of human sexual fantasies, and to fulfil them with a greater degree of art and accuracy in our brand offering. We should endeavour to make the human heart beat as it is supposed to.

Yes, a little superficial dabbling is fun in itself, but the true agenda for Coco de Mer is to have those appetites more fully embraced and to help modify behaviour in that direction. In the film, when we declare ‘We can help you think about sex more’ we want to elevate the experiences, to redefine the attention and consideration you give it.


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