The Finer Details



Can you spot-the-difference?

Photoshop is every where and it surprises me that there are still very few articles out there that call out the techniques used. I feel it's important for everyone to understand how it works so they can be a better judge of the images they're exposed to. The Finer Details is a new monthly feature providing a fun way to get acquainted...


Click on the image below to make it bigger. anna-clough-first-models-photo-shop-reveal-tricks-tips-examples-body-image-enhancement-01LINGERIE | LOVE STORIES



The Stripes

Clothes are not exempt from a little retouching here are there. Even after the most rigorous steaming, wrinkles/ marks/ make-up stains etc.. can often be found on samples. The plan is always to return them in perfect condition but after being shipped to publication after publication sometimes you get them in less-than-stella form. Nobody in their right minds looking to sell this lingerie set would photo-shop out such a defining feature but I wanted to keep things easy to start off with...


The Shirt

Another obvious amendment to spot. This can,and often is, applied to hair colour, eye colour, make-up and clothes etc...


The Ring

One of the rings were retouched out.


The Buttons

Because buttons are unsightly and therefore ruins the whole photo.. obvs.


The Hair Tie

I wouldn't like to calculate the amount of lost hours spent photo-shopping out hair ties. Even though I often have hundreds of images to choose from, chances are I'll go for the one taken within the first 5 minutes of the photo-shoot when I've failed to notice the hair tie!


The Thong

No stylists kit is complete without a nude thong. As mentioned before, samples are often sent out to many magazines so a nude thong is a must have on a photo-shoot. One other, less comfortable way deal with particularly small underpinnings is to use masking tape on the gusset.


The Legs

Dodge and Burn are some incredibly important tools to any retoucher. They help to add depth to an image and in this case define a models legs. The dodge tool is used to bring out cheekbones, illuminate eyes, boost a cleavage or emphazise a little shine. The Burn tool is used to slim down and define, often used to deepen collarbones and define the jaw, muscles, arms, legs etc. Think of it as digital contouring- the dodge tool is your highlighter and the burn tool your bronzer.


If you are a retoucher and would like to contribute to The Finer Details please get in touch.