noteworthy-knickers-urban-undercover-travel-knickers-panties-busy-lifestyle-underwear-02 noteworthy-knickers-urban-undercover-travel-knickers-panties-busy-lifestyle-underwear-03urban-undercoverHave you ever packed a spare pair of knickers into your bag only to have them fling out in public when you're searching for your phone/purse/comb etc...?

Fortunately, these lace knickers are specifically designed with an active, free spirited modern woman in mind. Thanks to a hidden pocket (into which the underwear can easily tuck) you can easily and discreetly carry a extra pair without worrying about any potential for embarrassment.

Urban Undercover are a brand with a wild heart and gypsy soul. Their products reflect their passion of travel and the desire to explore and live as many experiences as possible. They've modified underwear to simplify your life. Allowing you to be confident in the pair you are wearing and have equal confidence in knowing you have a backup.

Throw an extra pair in any bag, beach/gym bag, backpack, purse, carry-on, etc. It’s not just about underwear, it’s about an experience, and having a spare pair will keep you open to adventure. 

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