Noteworthy-knickers-lingerie-la-femme-pixel-panties-indiegogo-crowdfunded-lingerie-start-ups-01 Noteworthy-knickers-lingerie-la-femme-pixel-panties-indiegogo-crowdfunded-lingerie-start-ups-02

PIXEL-PANTIESThese unique knickers are certainly eye catching!  Touted the "world's first 8-bit underwear", these knickers are the  brainchild of designers Cesaria & Sebastiao from Lisbon, Portugal.  Inspired their love of retro games and 8-bit visuals they set about creating a product that was fashionable and sexy.

Super stretchy, seamless and comfortable for everyday wear. These knickers may be distinctive but it's not their aesthetics that make them so noteworthy. The interesting thing about this label is that it was completed funded through Indiegogo, a crowdfunding platform.

Launched on Indiegogo in July of 2014, the brand caused quite the sensation and within a month they far surpassed their goal of $12,500 by almost double! The brand has gone from strength to strength and has launched a matching bra, new colours and are soon to release their first 8-bit swimwear. Click here to see their Indiegogo video.

Since then other lingerie labels such as feminist brand Neon Moon, luxury brand Karolina Laskowska, Millie Lingerie, Urban Undercover and Knix Wear have followed suit by using crowdfunding platforms to launch their brands or fund upcoming collections.

For us, crowdfunding is a great way to support lingerie start-ups and find individual and innovative products you won't see anywhere else.


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2- KARMA BIKINIS  - 7% of proceeds to ocean conservation efforts.