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These knickers not only look sensational – they also help prevent soreness on the saddle. Bike Nicks offer padded cycle lingerie, which enables women to be stylish and comfortable as they cycle freely in their daily lives. Designed, sourced and manufactured in the UK, Bike Nicks have just the right amount of padding, allowing you to wear them all day like regular knickers. Also with no VPL and a nude range coming later this year - you can wear them with any outfit you like!

The brand is the brainchild of Lili Millar. As a personal trainer and yoga teacher she rides up to 10 miles a day.

  " I came up with Bike nicks padded cycle lingerie out of desperation. Normal everyday knickers were useless for managing the accumulated pain caused by the pressure placed on the anatomy when sitting for periods on a narrow bike saddle and cycling on bad road surfaces. I usually had to resort to wearing ill-fitting, ugly over padded cycle shorts and wasn't happy with this as a solution..." Lili Millar, Creator of Bike Nicks

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Black Knicker £26.99 | Pink Thong £26.99


The Bike Nicks Instagram page is filled with humour, inspiring quotes, enviable yoga prowess and London life.

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