Larger Cup Lingerie



For a long time larger-cup brands have seemed to lack labido. With campaigns full of bubblegum bright colours, smiling faces and theatrical displays of girls 'having fun'....It's no wonder that until recently I had never bought a set.

As a 34DD, I have been lucky to be able to shop at both straight size and larger-cup brands. My personal taste is minimal and mostly black, but when it comes to my lingerie I want to invest in luxurious, innovative and, most of all, sexy pieces.

Only a couple of years ago when browsing through the most popular larger-cup lingerie sites I noticed the distinctive lack of suspender belts, lace or anything that took my fancy. Ok - the bras were supposed to be comfortable. And the fit was supposed to be amazing... but where was the sex appeal (and on occasion, taste)?



Granted people buy lingerie for many different reasons - maybe a lot of women want bright, floral, overly - cutesy everyday lingerie? Just not me. The knickers appeared to be an afterthought with very little detail - and maybe a bow or two stuck on for good measure. It was too bright, too girly and sometimes too garish. There was such a particular lack of ANY sexier ranges it was hard not to feel disappointed.

So for a couple more years I continued to shun larger-cup brands, opting for the likes of Agent Provocateur, Myla and independent brands that catered to women above a C cup. The lace was more alluring, the suspender belts increasing more intricate and the detail unrivalled.


However in 2015 things are changing in larger cup lingerie market. Brands, designers and ranges are surfacing that I can finally get excited about. As I've mentioned before Adina Reay is a brand to look out for in 2015, the detail, suspenders and sexiness of their lingerie is intoxicating. Also the popular usually-bubblegum-and-bows-brand Curvy Kate is launching their own more seductive range complete with ouvert knickers in A/W15, and the much anticipated release of the Ashely Graham collection has seen black lacy lingerie available through Addition Elle. There are countless other brands I have come across - Harlow & Fox, Scarletta, Land of Women, SJ Lingerie DD+ Collection etc... and I imagine many more are yet to be discovered.


What are you're favourite larger-cup brands and what would you like to see more of from them?


Next week we will be showcasing some of the sexiest larger-cup lingerie in an exclusive editorial.