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On a cold British summer's day, there is nothing we love/hate to do more than scroll through some of our favourite indie swimwear Instagram accounts.


Here we've narrowed down our top 8 accounts filled with sun-kissed skin, white sandy beaches and exotic locations for your perusing pleasure...



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Luxurious Australian Swimwear label. Dedicated to modernising the classic swimsuit, PALM aims to create beautiful, simple-lined pieces that encapsulate subtlety and understated elegance.

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What to expect: An elegantly curated account with monochrome images, catwalk shows and so many dream locations...

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Short for Nikki Lee Penny, N.L.P is recognised for her neo-noir aesthetic and her masculine vs. feminine agenda. The Australian designer is renowned for her experimentation in neoprene, lycra, mesh and bonded textiles.

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What to expectLook book shots, surfers, behind the scenes images and lots and lots of women doing more than simply sunbathing...

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Australian made and owned swimwear for the modern mermaid. If you've ever experienced and Ariel envy, this is the label for you.

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What to expect: Mermaids, sea creatures, beautiful scenery and plenty of sensuality....

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Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 15.36.53 @flagpole

Founded by high-school friends Megan Balch and Jaime Barker, Flagpole Swim is a New-York label specialising in practical swimsuits that are both stylish and can handle the surf.

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What to expect: A more personal approach with plenty of behind the scenes shots and sketches. Pictures of the designers and sun-drenched images of their sports inspired swimwear... Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 15.37.45


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Matteau swim was created to be the subtle swimsuit - the one you reach for to feel confident and at ease by the water. Simple, comfortable and uncomplicated , the brand stands for classic style and simplicity above all else. They reduced the bathing suit to it's bare essentials to create a calm, assured aesthetic. 

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What to expect: A creative mix of casual and carefree portraits, look book shots, artwork, illustration and calming scenery....

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Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 17.36.01@bambaswim

Bamba (pronounced BUM - BA) is an Australian swimwear label inspired by the 80s, a decade that birthed a generation of empowered women who showcased the true meaning of comfort in their own skin. With an understanding of the female body in all forms, Bamba is designed to incorporate the high- rise, cheeky cuts and bold colours to accentuate your assets. The 80s minimal aesthetics have been tailored for the modern Bamba babe. Less is more.

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What to expect: A showcase of supermodels, sex appeal and skin .... and swimwear. 

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 Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 17.53.08 @fellaswim

Fella is an international brand with the fabrics sourced in Italy, the designs drawn in Australia and the final garments made in Bali. Founded by globetrotters Christine Tang and Rosie Iffla, Fella is made for the adventurous, sophisticated woman, who is always chasing her next horizon with unique, beautifully crafted swimwear.

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What to expect: Styled product shots, collaborations, exotic locations, inspiring and bohemian chic interiors from their bali villa @fellavillasScreen Shot 2016-06-23 at 17.54.34


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Anna-Maria Sommer is an ex-model and the brains behind Sommer Swim. She has taken her vast exposure to the fashion industry and created a collection of luxury swimwear with a sexy and minimalist aesthetic. With barely-there bikini bottoms, the label is certainly not for the shy, the Sommer swim girl is a described as a sophisticated rebel, who spends her time between beach clubs in Ibiza, the French Riviera and Italy’s Amalfi Coast.

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What to expect: Sandy beaches, seductive poses and the champagne lifestyle....Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 18.18.50

Have we missed any of your favourite swimwear brands? We'd love to hear your recommendations in the comments below...