Following on from last week's DIY choker, we thought we'd show to how to create your own choker and bracelets completely from scratch. With a little time and plenty of patience, it can be incredibly rewarding to create something special for yourself or a loved one.

This week we explore the easiest way to create your own at home...

How to make your own bondage choker..

You will need:

18 inches of 12mm wide black satin elastic

2 x 12mm gold sliders

2 x 6mm gold O rings

1 x 12mm gold O ring

1  x Small strip of elastic (7mm wide)

Embroidery Scissors



Hand sewing needle

Sewing Machine



STEP 1: Gather all your components. Cut 18 inches of 12mm wide elastics and get your two sliders.

STEP 2: Thread the elastic through the bottom of the first slider, over the middle bar then back on itself and stitch into place. Trim off any excess elastic.

chritmas-gift-for-her-diy-make-at-home-bondage-fashion-sm-choker-necklace-jewellery-elastic-gold-lingeie-la-femme-made-from-scratch-02 STEP 3: Thread one side of your second slider on to the elastic.


STEP 4: Thread the end of your elastic through the bottom of your first slider, up over the middle bar and down through the other side. Then thread the end of your elastic through the top of your second slider and back on itself.

chritmas-gift-for-her-diy-make-at-home-bondage-fashion-sm-choker-necklace-jewellery-elastic-gold-lingeie-la-femme-made-from-scratch-04 STEP 5: Stitch the end of the elastic into place and trim off any excess.


STEP 6: Your simple elastic chocker is complete. Now you all you need to do is add a little embellishment.


STEP 7: To create the centre front detail, tread your strip of 7mm elastic through the gold rings as illustrated below. chritmas-gift-for-her-diy-make-at-home-bondage-fashion-sm-choker-necklace-jewellery-elastic-gold-lingeie-la-femme-made-from-scratch-07

STEP 8: Sew the 7mm strip on to the choker with a 1cm seam and trim off any excess elastic at the back. Bring the front end of the elastic strip up and over to the back and hand sew the elastic, keeping the O rings in place.


Congrats! You're done.


How to make matching handcuffs...

You will need:

Everything you required to make the above choker

1 Metre if thin gold chain

2 x 10mm gold lobster clasps

2 x 5mm gold jump rings

A pair of pliers


STEP 1: Make your elastic bracelets in the same way you made the choker. You will need to measure 9.5 inches of elastic for each bracelet.


STEP 2: Take a jump ring and tread it through the two ends of your chain. Then tread through a lobster clasp and close the jump ring using a pair of pliers.

STEP 3: Once you have done one end, find the middle point of the chain and thread through the jump ring and repeat the process.


STEP 4: Simply clip the clasps on to your bracelet's O rings to turn your bondage inspired bracelets into kinky handcuffs. chritmas-gift-for-her-diy-make-at-home-bondage-fashion-sm-choker-necklace-jewellery-elastic-gold-lingeie-la-femme-made-from-scratch-13

Of course, if you'd rather buy something a little more luxurious, simply click the links below to shop from talented independent designers....

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