Add opulence to any outfit with a sensual gold body chain.

In our final DIY post of the year, we show you just how easily you can create your own provocative piece with very little equipment.

Why not satisfy your creative cravings and elevate your NYE ensemble by making your own gold body chain bra. It's the perfect accessory, equally alluring whether worn over an LBD in the bar or on it's own in the boudoir.


How to make your own Body Chain Bra...

You will need:

3 meters of gold chain

Measuring tape

15 gold jump rings

2 gold lobster clasps

1 gold chain tassel

1 20mm 0 ring

Flat nose non serrated jewellery pliers (pictured below)

Jewellery cutters



STEP 1: Gather all your components. Cut your chain into a variety of lengths - 1 length of 35cm for the neck piece, 1 length of 24cm for the centre front, 2 lengths of 18cm to go over the bust, 2 lengths of 50.5cm for the side pieces and 2 lengths of 20cm for the bottom pieces.


STEP 2: Take your length of 35cm chain for the neck piece and cut in half.

STEP 3: Open 2 jump rings with the flat nose pliers and thread the chain through. Then thread one side of the O ring through and close. Repeat on the other side.


STEP 4: Take 2 jump rings and 1 lobster clasp and fix on to the ends of your neckpiece using the jewellery pliers. christmas-diy-handmade-gold-body-chain-bra-homemade-with-instructions-christmas-gift-for-her-sensual-accessory-jewellery-06 christmas-diy-handmade-gold-body-chain-bra-homemade-with-instructions-christmas-gift-for-her-sensual-accessory-jewellery-07 STEP 5: To create the centre front detail, attach the tassel and 24cm length chain to the O ring using 1 jump ring.


STEP 6: Once your neckpiece is complete it should look something like this:


STEP 7: Now attach your 2 side pieces (50.5cm each) to the neckpiece 7cm from the centre back with 2 jump rings.


STEP 8: Measure 9.5cm down your side pieces and attach your 2 over the bust chains (18cm each) to you side piece on both sides, using 2 jump rings.


STEP 9: Again using 2 jump rings, attach your over the bust pieces to the centre front, 15.5cm down from the O ring. Your bra should now look something like this:


STEP 10: Attach the final 2 lengths of 20cm to the centre front, using 2 jump rings, and secure to your side pieces - 15.5cm from the centre back.


STEP 11: The last thing you need to do is create the centre back closure. You need to attach one jump ring to each end of the chain and 1 lobster clasp to the side best suited to your needs. christmas-diy-handmade-gold-body-chain-bra-homemade-with-instructions-christmas-gift-for-her-sensual-accessory-jewellery-14

And congrats! you're finished.christmas-diy-handmade-gold-body-chain-bra-homemade-with-instructions-christmas-gift-for-her-sensual-accessory-jewellery-13

Our bra is based on a UK size 10, you can easily adjust your Body Chain Bra to fit by adding extra length (or taking away length) to the neck piece and the side pieces. We recommend you measure as you go. This isn't an exact science, you can simply hold the chain up to yourself and cut the lengths you feel fit best. lingerielafemme-nadiaking