Handmade gifts make the best Christmas presents and it is often easier than you think to create something truley bespoke and luxurious.

Chokers are this season's accessory du jour and our DIY bondage chokers make the ideal seductive stocking fillers for any lingerie aficionado.

This week we explore the easiest way to create your own at home...

The super easy way to make your own bondage choker..

You will need:

2 repurposed detachable suspender straps

2 16mm gold O rings

1 small strip of elastic (7mm wide)

Embroidery Scissors



Sewing Machine



STEP 1: Gather all your components. To make this neckpiece we repurposed 2 detachable suspenders from Adina Reay's Fran Short. The great thing about this choker is that it can be easily disassembled if you want to use the suspenders for their original purpose.

STEP 2: Secure the suspender straps together using the swan hook fastenings.


STEP 3: Loop the gold rings together using the strip on 7mm elastic and secure into place with a pin.


STEP 4: Using a straight-stitch, stitch the elastic together as close as you can get to the rings and trim off excess elastic.

chritmas-gift-for-her-diy-make-at-home-bondage-fashion-sm-choker-necklace-jewellery-elastic-gold-lingeie-la-femme-043STEP 5: Open the rings to sit side-by-side. Stitch a seam down the middle to secure the elastic in place.


STEP 6: Simply attach the suspender clips to the rings and you're finished.

chritmas-gift-for-her-diy-make-at-home-bondage-fashion-sm-choker-necklace-jewellery-elastic-gold-lingeie-la-femme-061 chritmas-gift-for-her-diy-make-at-home-bondage-fashion-sm-choker-necklace-jewellery-elastic-gold-lingeie-la-femme-062

Congrats, you're done!

Next week we will explore the slightly more complicated way to make your own choker from scratch and, for a little extra Christmas kink, we will show you how to create your own matching handcuffs.

Of course, if you'd rather buy than build your own, simply click the links below to shop our stylish selections...

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