brief with braces NICHOLE DE CARLE


With only 2 weeks till Valentines day, many lingerie brands are promoting their most playful and provocative collections. Made to entice and excite, these luxurious show pieces were designed to make an impact and indulge your deepest desires. With everything from opulent ouvert pieces, flirtatious frills and bondage inspired accessories, we know every lingerie connoisseur is sure to be spoilt!


Yet why save your most evocative and empowering underpinnings for just one day? Sensuality is not only for special occasions and we implore you to dabble in a little everyday erotism.


To keep things suggestive yet subtle layer your exquisite underpinnings underneath an understated outfit; A black bondage-luxe bra under a classic white t-shirt, a luxurious silk bodysuit under an everyday dress or a bright lace ensemble peeking out above the neckline of a simple shirt.


With a little ingenuity you can even work your more extravagant ouvert ensembles in to your everyday wardrobe, simply layer minimal underpinnings underneath for more modesty and support.


 For a little inspiration, see our selection of the most stylish and seductive designs you'll want to wear everyday...

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