Handmade gifts make the best presents. Enjoy the gift of giving this Christmas and take the time and effort to make something truly unique.

How you make your own luxury eye mask...

You will need:

Half a metre of faux leather

Half a metre of fleece material (for adding thickness)

Half a metre of silk


Dressmaker Scissors



Sewing machine

All purpose glue

Any lace or appliqués desired for finishing


And our pattern: Download here.



STEP 1: Print out 2 copies of the pattern. Cut out 1 large template, this is for the front and back pieces.  And 1 smaller template, for the inside piece.

STEP 2: Trace around your pattern pieces on the fabric, make sure to mark the notches. Cut out your fabric pieces.


STEP 3: Lay your back piece (silk) right side up and your front piece (leather) right side down. Lay the inner piece on top keeping 5mm from the edge and secure with glue or double sided tape to keep in place.

STEP 4: Measure your head to see how long you need your elastic band and cut the elastic with an 1cm on each side.

DIY-eye-mask-sleep-leather-lace-handmade-how-to-make-your-own-luxury-sleep-mask_04STEP 5: Pin the eye-mask together and attach the elastic, making sure to match up the notches.

DIY-eye-mask-sleep-leather-lace-handmade-how-to-make-your-own-luxury-sleep-mask_05STEP 6: Sew all your pieces together (using a leather needle in your machine). Make sure to stitch 5mm from the edge and leave a 1-2inch gap for you to turn your eye-mask inside out.

DIY-eye-mask-sleep-leather-lace-handmade-how-to-make-your-own-luxury-sleep-mask_06STEP 7: Make notches all around the edges, clipping as close you can (but not through) the stitching. Then trim the seam allowance in half around the entire mask.

DIY-eye-mask-sleep-leather-lace-handmade-how-to-make-your-own-luxury-sleep-mask_07STEP 8: Turn your mask inside out, press and hand-stitch the opening with an invisible stitch.DIY-eye-mask-sleep-leather-lace-handmade-how-to-make-your-own-luxury-sleep-mask_08

STEP 9: Once completed, glue your lace in place at the top. Then snip away any excess and glue all the edges down.


STEP 9b: Or simply glue on your appliqué. Here we used a guipure lace appliqué:


 And congrats, you're done! lingerielafemme-nadiaking