Hi, tell me about yourself:

Hi, My name is Fifi. I live in Indonesia but travel to London so often it feels like a second home. I work in Infrastructure and Property full-time but also model and create content for brands part-time. It’s a hobby and passion of mine, I love creating videos and photo-shoots and sharing my experiences and travels with the world. It all started 3 years ago, I had a good following on social media and brands such as Dior and SK-II started to approach me about being an ambassador and creating content for them. I wouldn’t go as far as to label myself as a pro-blogger as this isn’t my full-time profession and I only work with brands I love and use so it feels more organic.


How would you describe your fashion style?

It can vary wildly depending on the occasion. To the office I always wear something tailored in neutral colours, such as a pencil skirt and vest, pant suit or skirt suit. When I’m not working I go for something basic and versatile such as jeans, and a white shirt or a knitted dress. I love brands such as Maje, Sandro and The Kooples, although I mostly shop online at Shopbop or Revolve Clothing.

On rare occasions I dress up as my alter ego, Viper Rose. She is sensual, confident and at times provocative without neglecting elegance and sophistication. She is another part of my modelling/content work as I often get hired to host events and guest star in fashion shows, often for club openings or Champagne/ liquor product launches. Viper Rose always wears something sexy and sophisticated, usually by Balmain or David Koma.


Would you say your lingerie fits into you that style or do you like to express yourself differently or experiment underneath?

Yes, my lingerie is just as versatile as my outerwear. I always embrace my sensuality through using the right lingerie for my personality and body type.

Daily, I wear more basic lingerie such as Calvin Klein or Cosabella. It's important to me to wear the right underwear for my outfit so when i'm wearing a tight dress I'll opt for a seamless g-string or with jeans i'll choose a hipster knicker so it doesn't show above the waistband.

On special occasions, such a date night or big event, I like to be more daring. I enjoy dressing up in more sensual lingerie with lace, beads and even feathers sometimes - I feel it enhances my femininity and sensuality. My special lingerie is a kept separate from my everyday lingerie. I have a separate wardrobe and set of drawers. I see my lingerie as collectors items and every piece has it's own special place.


What are your favourite fashion and lingerie designers/ brands?

My favourite luxury labels are La Perla, Coco De Mer, Atsuko Kudo and Bordelle. I have the iconic Bordelle girdle dress in my collection but I haven't worn it outside yet, I just don't know where to wear it!

I also love Agent Provocateur, Gooseberry Intimates and For Love and Lemons. I love their fabrics and the sensuality of their designs.


What’s your favourite set of lingerie and why?

I don't have favourite set because I collect lingerie and each set is special in it's own way. However, my biggest splurge has to be my embellished corset (see here) - it cost more than my wedding gown! It was custom made in San Francisco by Dark Garden who make costumes for Dita Von Teese, and the corset was ornamented in Swarovski crystals by Catherine D'Lish.

Do you have any favourite Indonesian lingerie or swimwear labels?

Unfortunately there are not many Indonesian labels but a lot of overseas brands do make their lingerie and swimwear here. Two brands made here that I like are Indah clothing and Saucha.


Do you have any favourite swimwear brands?

My favourite Swimwear label is Minimale Animale, because the cut of their suits is super sexy! I also love Indah, Agent Provocateur as the fit is great.

How would you describe your body image?

Right now I have a healthy body image, I maintain my body by eating healthy and exercising. But when I was younger it was very popular to be skinny - it wasn't desirable to have curves at all. I didn't like my figure and started crash dieting, which eventually led to bulimia. I had long journey to fight it but I love and accept my body now. When you travel you see different women of all shapes, sizes and skin colours, it makes you realise we're not all meant to look the same and you have to embrace your own kind of beauty. I've made two youtube videos on the subject on my youtube channel. 

I love my body and Weight Loss Transformation, Story & Journey

What's your worst lingerie purchase?

My worst purchase was when I was younger and hated my body. Back then I was insecure having boobs because in the late 90's the trend was no boobs like Kate Moss and Shalom Harlow. I used to wear a minimiser bra or full coverage bra to hide them.

That was until the Victoria Secret and Lindsay Lohan era, when curves were back, and I finally embraced my shape and got rid of those ugly bras!


Are there any words of wisdom you like to live your life by?

Embrace who you are and make the most of it.


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Bon Voyage!

Designer Profile: Marika Vera



Marika Vera

 is a luxurious lingerie label, designed by stylist and fashion designer Marika Vera. After studying Fashion Design at the Isitutuo Marangoni in London, Marika went on to work for several fashion and intimates brands, including Pauric Sweeney, Giles Deacon, Vanessa Bruno and Yes Master, before launching her eponymous label in 2010.

Now based in the heart of Mexico City, Marika designs timeless pieces that elegantly bridge the gap between underwear and outerwear. Worn by countless celebrities including Rihanna, Daisy Lowe and Emily Ratajkowsky, the brand effortlessly combines style and sensuality for the modern woman.

Marika Vera is sold in small boutiques in London, LA, NYC and Sydney and they will be opening their store in Mexico City, Polanco Area in September.


You studied in Australia, and at the Istituto Marangoni in London, then made the decision to return to Mexico and launch your own brand. How important is your international background and your Mexican soul?


When I graduated I had no choice but to come back to my country, it is hard to find a job in Europe with a Mexican passport. In Mexico it is hard to find a well-paid job as a designer and the lingerie industry is very focused on the mass-market, it’s about volume and Mexican consumer behaviour (mainly padded bras and shape-wear), so I had no choice but to try to build my own brand. I think the International experience has influenced my fashion culture and knowledge of design; however, it is here in my country where I found the infrastructure to make it happen at a reasonable price. My soul is in making women all around the world feel free when they work, when they seduce.


How would you define SIGNATURE by Marika Vera, your diffusion line of lingerie?


SIGNATURE by Marika Vera is an extensive collection of reinvented teddies, negligees, kimonos, bodysuits and lingerie. Complemented by a mix of luxury basics that fit into every modern woman’s wardrobe. The garments are made in Mexico with high quality fabrics and trimmings, always following delicate and minimalistic lines, without compromising the erotic element of the garments.

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Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 18.56.53


What are your sources of inspiration?


I am always on the search for what’s happening in the world of fashion, music, art and design. I love to find strong female characters in films; a few days ago, I found this amazing Director from the 1930’s - Busky Berkeley, he was such a great artist and his work was very related to femininity and eroticism. He was the one that made that Carmen Miranda video "The Lady in the Tutti Frutti Hat", I highly recommend having a look at his black and white work. I love vintage lingerie and swimwear and I own a collection of cheap yet amazing finds, which inspire me a lot in the design process.


Any tips to young designers that are going to approach the lingerie world?


Get to know the market, the competitors, give your best at your graduation collection, ask for internships more than 10 times if necessary in the places you admire, understand female bodies, design things you will wear anytime to represent your sensuality. If you are building a brand focus on finding production and materials that allow you to have a competitive price, you need to compete if you want to have creative freedom and continue to grow.











Fleur of England is a luxuriously feminine label known for exquisite designs and elegant lace. An intimates brand that is quintessentially English and sold in elite boutiques worldwide.

Read on for our exclusive interview with Fleur Turner, the woman behind the label...


When did you start the brand?

The concept for the brand started whilst I was at university. I studied Fashion Marketing at the University of Newcastle; it was such a great course in that it was really creative yet still had a business element. It was totally me in a nutshell and I threw myself into it and loved every minute of it! In the final year I got to create my own brand and collection and that's really what started things off for me.

I have always been interested in femininity and lingerie. The brand was simply a natural progression - all my designs, my handwriting and everything I drew and painted were all quite feminine. I was obsessed with fabric - silk, lace and georgette so I wanted to create a label that encapsulated all the things I love.

I officially launched Fleur T, which was the beginning of Fleur of England in 2000. My first lingerie trade show was in Harrogate and the Liberty buyer came along and loved it! They commissioned a limited edition collection to launch their new lingerie department. It was amazing opportunity for me and absolutely brilliant for the brand, everything just spring boarded after that.


What was your history before the brand? 

Straight after university, while I always knew I wanted to launch my own label, I knew I needed to work in the industry for a couple of years. It's incredibly difficult to launch a business straight out of university and I needed to learn more - I wanted to see how other people did it. With my brand in the back on my mind, I really wanted to focus of understanding the technical aspects of lingerie and knowing how the garments were made - I wanted to get right down to that detail.

My first job was with a company that were a supplier to Marks & Spencer. I was in London 3 days per week and in Somerset 2 days a week. I found it fantastic, as I love being in the countryside. That company was where I learnt all of my technical skills and I became more of a technical lingerie designer rather than somebody just experienced in the marketing and business side of design.

After that, I went to work in Hong Kong for a year, which was fascinating - you can't get more of a mass production environment than that! I was working in a factory on the design team. I was focusing on the UK high street and designing pieces for English retailers. China is vast in terms of the production and these factories run on a huge scale. I knew it wasn't what I wanted for my own label but it was great to simply experience it.


 What was your inspiration when conceptualising Fleur T? 

With Fleur T, I knew I wanted to create something that was completely European. I manufactured in the UK to begin with and I wanted to use very luxurious European fabrics. I wanted to make it high end but not as expensive as Agent Provocateur and La Perla - that’s where I saw the gap in the market for Fleur T.

There is a word that we use - it was, and still is, our DNA. The word is 'Exquisite'. Everything we do has to be exquisite, from the lingerie down to packing a parcel - even if it's just to send to the factory. It runs through everything thing we do and is an essential part our design process. If we're looking at something and trying to narrow down options we ask 'is it exquisite, yes or no?' If yes, that’s good! If no, we do it again.


Tell me about the changes in 2007?

The brand was doing so well and, as it was just me and one other at the beginning, we had to do absolutely everything. In 2007, I had my first child, George, and it was at that point that I decided to grow the business and expand the team. I realised I could no longer do everything when I was responsible for another human being! Growing the team was great for the business as the new people brought in new ideas and perspectives.

It also gave me the opportunity to reflect a little bit, I was only away for a month after giving birth but it made me realise that I wanted to rebrand. Although we had a really luxurious product - Fleur T wasn't doing it justice. The name felt a bit too bit young and people often mistook it for 'Flirty'. After doing plenty of market research and focus groups we decided to rebrand as Fleur of England. The name is a much more sophisticated, elegant, luxury and, importantly, shows that we are British.

It was fantastic for the company, we got lots more international business and launched a second e-commerce website - we really haven't looked back! The business is growing year on year. There are 7 of us working full-time but there can be up to 12 or 13 staff during busy periods.


Tell me about your collections and what inspires them?

We have 2 seasons (Spring/Summer & Autumn/Winter) with 4 collection in each season. We've also just launched our resort line as well with 2 additional collections.

I am inspired constantly and a lot of my ideas come organically from my living my life. Sometimes my collections grow from my obsessions. For instance - rose gold, I'm in love with the colour at the moment and I just had to incorporate it into a collection! Also, while I was renovating my house, I became obsessed with ceiling roses. They're so beautiful and intricate I ended up designing a collection with ceiling roses in mind.

The Cotswolds inspired our SS16 collections. As a family we're always outside and we particularly love walking in the countryside. I enjoy growing vegetables in my garden and I love being outside at every possible opportunity. SS16 is an easy breezy, luxurious season.


Describe your design process?

I start my design process with the colour; I put the colours into work before I do any sketches! Then come the fabrics and the embroidery design. It's only once I have all the fabric in front of me I start designing the collection. It's a mixture of sketching and draping on the mannequin. Sketchbooks are how I communicate my designs and ideas but in lingerie the scale of a piece is so critical you really need work with a mannequin rather than just on paper.


Tell me about your new swimwear line?

We have just launched our new swimwear range Resort by Fleur. Customers have been asking for a swim collection for a while and the timing finally felt right. Inspired by sea and nature, I designed the collection and a beautiful bespoke print using the ancient Japanese technique of Marbling. It was so relaxing, I did it over two days and my boys had a go with me. Their designs were a little crazy but it was nice to develop my patterns with my kids. Once I felt I had something, Jenny (my assistant designer) put it into Photoshop and worked with it.

The most important thing when developing the swimwear collection was the fit - everything that is important with the lingerie had to translate into the swimwear as well. I chose a specific European fabric; it's beautiful and made in Italy. It's woven as opposed to knitted, which gives it all these amazing properties - its machine washable, anti-wrinkle, UV resistant, dries really quickly and is ok with suntan lotion. Everything has been analysed and scrutinised over. We've also done towels and everything comes packaged in this beautiful bag that is clear and you can even take through the airport with you.


What fabrics do you use and why?

This is my obsession! I love lace - French leavers lace, Chantilly lace and embroidery. I sketch and design all my own embroideries. I love delicate fabrics and invisible tulle. There is something really nice about the reveal and conceal - the fabrics are almost sculpting the body.

I love the shine, sparkle and lustre of silk - it's like a prism of light, when the light shines on it, it just comes alive! I also like silk georgette but it's got to have stretch in it for the fit to be right, that's why we always make sure it has 5% Lycra.

One of my favourites is a pink French Chantilly lace; it almost looks like a tattoo and is so delicate. It's knitted on vintage looms over 100years old. I've been over to the factory in France and seen them - they're huge wooden machines and the pattern in knitted by computer. It's expensive as it is so delicate and takes a long time to make. All the little treads are clipped by hand and it has to be knitted slowly as, if one of the needles breaks, there would be a hole in the lace. The whole time there is somebody walking up and down checking the needles while the lace is being knitted, it's fascinating!

I've also been to Switzerland to see embroideries being made. It gives you an understanding and respect for the fabric and materials you use. If you're a designer, once you know how your materials are being made, it develops your love for them even more. I hope that translates into my designs and the end wearing will love the product as much as I do.


What sizes do you produce?

For bras we start with a 30A and go up to a 36DD. Sizing completely depends of the type of kind your choosing, we have 3 types of bra - the plunge, the balcony and the triangle so we have something that will fit a variety of shapes and sizes. For everything else we carry small (8-10UK), medium (10-12) and large (12-14). Fit is incredibly important to us and we have worked hard to make sure our products fit well on a variety of women. We've also put together a guide on the website for our customers and a Youtube video on how to fit a bra.


Do you have a typical type of customer?

 We have 4 customer personas that actually buy Fleur of England and a lot of men buy for their wives or girlfriends. The one thing they all have in common is that they're all perfectionists. If you're paying for luxury lingerie - it's got to be prefect, it's got to fit perfectly, it's got to be comfortable and it's got to be beautiful and look effortless. That's why they buy our lingerie.


Do you have an ideal celebrity customer? 

We have plenty of ideal celebrity customers and some of them already own our pieces. Celebrities such as Millie Mackintosh, Anne Hathaway and Kourtney Kardashian all wear Fleur of England. They're ideal as they're all sexy, confident women.

I would absolutely love to see Lady Gaga in one of our pieces; I'd enjoy designing something really off the wall for her. As a designer it would be the perfect commission in terms of creativity!


Do you have a muse?

I wouldn't be able to name one person specifically but the women around me - my friends and my team, continually inspire me. Some of the team are young girls and it's always interesting to bounce ideas off each other and discover new perspectives.


What is your biggest career moment?

I had to opportunity to introduce my mum to Princess Anne - It was pretty amazing!.. Definitely one of those 'pinch me' moments in life! I'm proud of the awards I have won and, of course, my team - it's taken me 15years but I have the most amazing team to work with me. They're all awesome and I feel that’s a huge achievement. I'm lucky to have found people who really enjoy what we do and are really passionate about it.


What do you think is the hardest hurdle when setting up a brand?

Manufacturing! I used to have to be in the factory all the time; I was virtually based in the factory making sure that everything was exactly the way I wanted. You can't send something out if it's not right and it was an incredibly frustrating but very essential part of the process.


Do you have any favourite brands you love to buy yourself?

I've just found this amazing home wares brand in the US called Jonathan Adler; I'm very inspired by his interiors. In terms of fashion I love feminine labels such as Alberta Ferretti, Chloe and Stella McCartney's outerwear.


To find out more about Fleur of England's exquisite collections visit their website.





Hi Mai, tell me about yourself -

I’m Danish and moved to London 2 years ago. I'm a certified lifestyle coach working as a fitness instructor and I’m about to finish my qualification as a personal trainer. Also I’m currently studying integrative nutrition so I'll be a holistic health coach later on this year. Aside from that I also write a blog called Nordic Earthchild. It’s focused on holistic health and I try to write positive things and have a positive impact on women’s lives. I write funny stories and healthy recipes as well as helpful articles on how to balance life. There is so much pressure on women these days - career pressure, the pressure of being a mum and the pressure to look amazing. Women have to juggle all of these different factors and it’s really difficult to balance of all this without neglecting yourself as a person. I’m a big fan of Yoga. I do Iyengar­, Hatha and Vinyasa yoga – I haven’t committed to just one practice. And I’m a bit of a traveller. Straight after university I worked in Vietnam for 3 months in a development project. After that I just continued travelling the world. I’ve attended Buddhist retreats in Nepal and I studied for a diving certificate in the Philippines. I’ve also been to Australia, Bali, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada and Iceland – and two years ago I decided to finally settle down in London.


How would you describe your style?

My style is eclectic and a little hippie-ish. My boyfriend calls me a ‘luxury hippie’ - my style is bohemian but I still like high-end brands such as Missoni. Recently, as I’ve been spending more time working out, I’ve been getting more into active wear. I love the online shop Hip & Healthy as it stocks great Australian brands in the UK.


Would you say your lingerie fits into you that style or do you like to express yourself differently or experiment underneath?

Yes, I would say it’s similar to my outerwear style - my lingerie style is eclectic too! I like black and I like lace... but I also have a lot of colour sets. I like to keep things simple and black lace is stylish, elegant and sexy. I occasionally wear stockings and suspenders but it’s not natural - it feels like equipment! I don’t wear a lot of makeup and I don’t like overdone look - heels, stockings, suspenders, thong, push-up bra etc… my lingerie style is much more laid back and natural.


What are your favourite fashion and lingerie designers/ brands?

I love the French lingerie brand Etam. They do great things that are feminine and full lace and the price is really reasonable. Agent Provocateur do amazing things if you want something special and go all out. Also Victoria’s Secret has a few nice things but it’s hard to find many sets in there as they do so many push up bras - I like things that are sexy but not vulgar!


What’s your favourite set of lingerie and why?

The black lace bralette I wore in the shoot is my favourite. It feels like I’m not wearing anything. I always get a shower when I come home and then slip into that - it’s a great top to help you wind down.


What's your worst lingerie purchase? 

Recently I got a lace bra from American Apparel. I didn’t try it on and when I got home I realised the cups were cut too deep - my nipples were popping out! In the store it looked amazing but it’s impractical. Also I’m not a fan of thongs, I bought one to try it out but that was another terrible purchase.


Do you have a lot of swimwear?

Yes, I’ve been collecting different swimwear on my travels. I collect bikinis as souvenirs. I have ones from Bali, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, and Italy etc… I don’t buy copies or knock-offs - I like to buy from real local designers. I don’t buy high street mass-produced swimwear. If I bought a bikini from H&M, I’d hate the thought that I can go anywhere in the world and somebody else will be wearing that bikini!


How would you describe your body image?

I have a relaxed body image. Today I take my emotional health into consideration and diets don't really account for that. It's all about having a balanced lifestyle with room for everything - healthy juices, vegetables as well as chocolate and red wine! Taking care of my body is about being happy and living the life I want for myself - that's also what I help my clients establish. You'll never get your dream body if you're not happy and don't listen to yourself because then we just fall into bad habits. The body is your friend - treat it with trust, respect and love.


Are there any words of wisdom you like to live your life by?

I have a little mantra instead – “This is me, this is who I am”. It’s from one of the retreats I did in Nepal. So many people don’t do things, as they’re afraid of what might happen and what people might think. This mantra reminds me to accept myself and not be afraid of other people’s judgements.











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Beija Flor is a brand new lingerie label. Having launched only 4 days ago! Last month I had the pleasure of visiting their studio and finding out more about the Luxury London based brand. 

Read on for our exclusive interview with Abbie and Mazie, the two sisters behind the label ...

Tell me about your brand.

Abbie: Beija Flor is a modern, minimalist and urban lingerie brand. We wanted to make lingerie that we, and women we know, would wear. Our aim was to make underwear that reflected our outerwear choices. Clean, simple, sexy pieces you can wear under your suit.

Mazie: Our X, Y, Z ethos is an integral part of our brand. It was essential that we were able to offer up to a G cup. We imagine 3 friends sitting around a table. One’s an A cup, one’s a B cup and the other is a G - why can’t they shop at the same place? They all have a similar taste and want the same aesthetic so it seems unreasonable to us that the G cup has to go to specialist larger-cup retailer.

Abbie: Bigger-cup brands often go for a retro, almost burlesque, feel and shape. But just because you have bigger boobs it doesn’t mean you want that look!


When did you start the brand?

Mazie: We officially started working on the brand just under a year ago, in February 2015. Abbie had just come back from living in Brazil in January so we moved pretty quickly! We flirted with the idea of launching to trade but it meant we would have to wait till September 2016 to launch properly!

Abbie: We knew we wanted to do things differently. While it was scary at times, we decided not stick to the traditional seasons and launch early. So we’re debuting what was originally our A/W16 collection in January and we’ll be adding new things onto the site every 8-9 weeks. It’s liberating to know that we can sell our products whenever we want!


So when is the launch date?

Abbie: We officially launch on the 6th January. It’s the day the website will go live! We’re really proud of it; we’ve worked with a great web designer to produce something that is truly sleek and beautiful. There’s also a video. We’ll be unveiling it on the website and then showing it again at our launch party on the 12th January.


What was your history before the brand, did you always want to get into lingerie? 

Mazie: We grew up around lingerie. Our mum started Aura, a company which designs and supplies lingerie to the UK high street. There were always pants and bras on our kitchen table! Abbie was a size 34B at the time so her wardrobe was always bursting with free lingerie samples.

Abbie: Yes, it was amazing!

Mazie: It’s a great industry but I never knew what I’d end up doing. I studied Business and was working for a small menswear label before we started Beija Flor.

Abbie: I didn’t know either. I studied Footwear Design at Cordwainers. But lingerie is too good an industry not to be involved. Through our parents we have access to amazingly talented people and resources most start-ups only dream of. It would be silly not to try - if we had never given it a go, we’d always wonder “What if?”


I love the name, is there a story behind it?

Abbie: Beija Flor means ‘Hummingbird’ in Portuguese. They’re beautiful and eye-catching but also very minimalist. There’s nothing excessive about it, no huge feathers or oversized wings! It’s just attractive and simple.

Mazie: We feel the hummingbird reflects our brand really well - it’s neat, tidy and precise. Beija Flor is to-the-point lingerie, no bells, no whistles.


Do you have a muse?

Abbie: We don’t have one particular muse, we’re inspired by lots of different women. We idolize women who are kicking ass and doing things for themselves.

Mazie: We love #GIRLBOSS and the whole spirit behind it. I read the book by Nastygal founder, Sophia Amoruso, and found it inspiring. We also have a lot of respect for women such as Sophia Webster and Sharmadean Reid (The WAH Nails founder) - Women who have created their own businesses from nothing and achieved phenomenal success.


Do you have an ideal celebrity customer? 

Yes, we have three: Clémence Poésy, Alexa Chung and Chloe Sevigny. They’re awesome; they have effortless style and great taste!


What was the inspiration behind your first collection?

Abbie: Our first collection is called ‘Without Exception’. It was inspired by the many women we spoke to during our market research. For our first collection we wanted to master the basics - Black, white and ‘nude’. The ‘nude’ for us is our walnut colour and we decided to add in a grey as it compliments so many skin tones.

Mazie: Our next collection, which is called the ‘Mombasa’ range, is a little crazier. The fabric was the main source of inspiration; we always start designing with the fabrics and colour cards first.


What fabrics do you use and why?

We use European fabrics such as French lace and tricot, Italian cotton and satin and Spanish swimwear materials. The quality of the cloth is important to us and we find European fabrics are the best quality.


What sizes do you produce?

Our bra backs go from 32-36 and Cups AA-G.

X = AA-B.

Y = B – D.

Z =DD – G.

Knickers and suspenders are size 1 (6-8), 2 (10-12) and 3 (14-16)

We hope in the future to expand our size range to be even more all-inclusive. A G cup really isn’t that big these days!

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 11.43.45

What is your biggest career moment?

Mazie: I don’t feel we’ve had one major career moment yet... although lots of great little things have happened. We were thrilled when the founder of Mother Meetings, one of the networking groups we belong to, followed us on Instagram and sent us a XX.

Abbie: I agree! Also getting production and tote bags, we were worried our stuff was going to be late so it was a relief when it arrived. Also the technical team, who have extensive experience with lingerie and really high standards, have started wearing our designs. It's such a huge compliment.


What is next for the label?

As well as preparing for the launch we're currently working on our Spring/Summer range. We'll be introducing swimwear next season. Also eventually we'd like to get into some stockists. Harrods and Selfridges would be amazing. And we're also looking at independent boutiques - there are some great ones, such as Goodhood in Shoreditch, that beautifully curate their stock.

To find out more about Beija Flor and visit their shiny new website London: click here.




Loveday London is a label synonymous with luxury, leather and lace. Infusing all three elements, Loveday London's designs continue to seduce lingerie enthusiasts and major retail buyers.

Read on for exclusive interview with Luisa Loveday, the lady behind the label...

When did you start the brand?

Officially, I launched Loveday London in January 2014, at the Salon International De La Lingerie trade show in Paris. Unofficially though - the brand has been in my head for as long as I can remember. From when I was young, I always knew I wanted to develop a brand. I never knew what incarnation it would take but I was certain I was going to build something one day. Loveday is my middle name and I used to mix it with words to create brand names such as 'LuLu Loveday' or 'Loveday Loves' etc... I even went as far as to make logos in Microsoft Paint! Many years later, it was while I was at university that I finally bought the domain name The company was incorporated in 2011, 4 years before I launched the label. So it was definitely something that was going to happen... It was just a matter of timing.


What was your history before the brand? 

At university I studied Design Management for Fashion Retailing, it was a course very much focused on branding and marketing. In my final year I got a job with Agent Provocateur and after graduation that lead on to long terms roles with both Fleur of England and Coco De Mer. It was whilst at Coco de Mer I had the amazing opportunity to design for their own-label collections. I worked and designed for them for just under two years before the timing felt right. It was really a now or never moment, and I knew I needed to work on my own label.


What was your inspiration when conceptualising Loveday London? 

Loveday London is very much a marriage between my past experiences; where Fleur of England is so romantic, exquisite and classic. Coco de Mer is more innovative, sexual and at the hardcore end of the lingerie spectrum. I see Loveday London as mixture of those two brands, my career to date and my own style and tastes. I often use the term 'Hardcore Romance' to describe my aesthetic. My designs are beautiful and romantic but with a fierceness and intensity.


Tell me about your collections and what inspires them?

Our upcoming A/W 16 collection is inspired by Romeo and Juliet. For me that's the ultimate 'hardcore romance' love story. For each season we produce 3 collections and these can be inspired by anything from roses in the back garden to a Parisian woman's red lipstick, a particular lace or fabric, or even my printed table cloth. It comes organically from living my life. I gather inspiration from all around me - what I'm seeing and experiencing. I always have ideas in my head so some things are just waiting for the right moment to resurface.

What fabrics do you use and why?

We use luxury laces, pure silk and Italian Lamb Nappa leather. I work with some great suppliers and the leather is all sourced as a by-product of the meat industry. For me, garments that are just lace and silk don't have enough of a punch. Whereas, once you add the fine leather, the product becomes something much more special, more luxurious. Loveday London is particularly known for our use of coloured leather, it is really something our buyers and customers adore.

What sizes do you produce?

We work with our own-patented sizing system. Our bras are Small, Medium and Large. The way we have managed to do this is by inventing a way that the bra can be adjusted. We work with the principles of the cross grading system. Where a 34B and a 32C have the same cups. You can adjust our bras in 4 different places (under and across the shoulder blade, around the under-bust and at the straps), which allows the Small size to fit 36A, 34B & 32C, a Medium to fit 36B, 34C & 32D and a Large to fit 36C, 34D, 32DD. Overt cups are of course less size restricted so of course someone with a larger bust could easily fit into something we design. Also our suspenders are adjustable too. This system definitely makes it a lot easier for men to buy lingerie for their partners!


Do you have a typical type of customer?

Not at all. Our customers are equally men or women from a variety of different countries and backgrounds. While we are a luxury brand, I still feel our products are not overpriced and still attainable to anyone who wants to buy a special gift for themselves or someone they love. We sometimes hear from our customers, they reveal parts of their lives and relationships. I feel the one thing that links our customers is confidence. Loveday London is lingerie that is made to be seen and I feel all our customers’ posses a certain level of self-confidence.

Do you have an ideal celebrity customer? 

Daisy Lowe. She's a modern icon and everything a Loveday London customer embodies: glamour, confidence, sex appeal, femininity and strength. She's one of those women where all Men want to be with her and Women want to be her. She already has a few Loveday London pieces and I would love to work with her on a campaign in the future.


Do you have a muse?

Two: Mortica Adams and Jessica Rabbit. They are both fictional, comedic characters but iconic in their own right. They are deemed beautiful, sexy, provocative, elegant and I can completely imagine Mortica Adams in our Amoria Collection!

What is your biggest career moment?

It has to be obtaining Selfridges as a stockist for our first ever collection. Our collection Black Superstition sold very well and is now part of our Classics range. We now have 21 stockists worldwide. In London we're stocked in Dolci Follie and Coco de Mer. There is also Pleasurements in Amsterdam and Lily Blossom in Spain to name a few.


What do you think is the hardest hurdle when setting up a brand?

Cash flow is a big one, and time management - especially since I launched the brand whilst 7months pregnant! Luckily I have a great family that help out with childcare on occasions. It has definitely made me much more efficient with my time, I have even managed to work in my morning jog on the way to taking my baby to nursery.

Do you have any favourite brands you love to buy yourself?

Plenty, I’m currently obsessed with my Miista sky-high over the knee boots! I covet a lot of Vivienne Westwood's collections and can't live without my Kooples blazers. I love to mix high and low fashion. There is absolutely nothing wrong with buying from vintage and charity shops, I love hunting out exciting one-off pieces you just wouldn't find anywhere else. I love textures, print and dark rich colours.


What is next for the label?

I can't reveal too much but we are currently working on an addition to our boudoir range. At the moment the range consists of candles, cushion and quilts so it may (or may not) be something along those lines... It's still very early stages so I really can't say more! Also we're excited to be working with our first print for our A/W16 collection and In the new year we're planning to launch a blog to accompany our website.

To find out more about Loveday London and see their exquisite collections visit their website.





Jessica is a new full-time model from Brighton. She is self-confessed hippy who loves to promote peace and self-acceptance. Here she shares her individual style, most coveted lingerie and love of gemstones...

Hi Jessica, tell me about yourself:

Hi, I'm 18yrs old and represented by Storm Models. I love acting, psychology and yoga. I studied psychology at college. I've always loved acting so am so happy to be able to do acting auditions through Storm. I've have been full time modelling since July, it’s all very exciting its going really well. I’m already working with clients such as ASOS, New Look etc. I was scouted by Storm at a festival when I was 14yrs old which was the most surreal experience as I'd never thought about modelling.


How would you describe your style?

I am a definite hippy! I love big patterned harem pants,  loads of wooden jewellery and gemstone rings. I like to wear Free People clothing as it is so well made and definitely reflects my style - although I get most of my clothes from either Camden Market or the Laines in Brighton. I love jewellery too, my favourite ring is a silver band with a Moldovite stone set in it from Two Feathers in Brighton. I like gemstones because of all the different meanings they can have - Moldovite especially. I also make my own jewellery and I've just got the hang of making earrings.


Would you say your lingerie fits into you that style or do you like to express yourself differently or experiment underneath?

It's hard to find lingerie which really matches my general style so usually I just go for things that are simple, lacy and make me feel good. I generally shop for underwear in Urban Outfitters and H&M and have got my eye on a set from "For Love and Lemons" too!!

 What’s your favourite set of lingerie and why?

My favourite set is one I bought really recently from H&M, I love it because it's perfect for me in the way that it's comfortable and has really lovely back detail.


How would you describe you body image?

I have always been body confident. I think it's important to look after your health; I love yoga, swimming.


Are there any words of wisdom you like to live your life by?

My mum always told me to trust your instincts so I definitely live by that! Lingerie-la-femme-la-vie-en-lingerie-jessica-towner-storm-models-underwear-victorias-secret-02





Shareefa is an full-time curve model, actress and singer. She has worked with many brands such as ASOS, Simply Be, Curvissa and posed for the now famous Swimsuits for All Calendar. Here she shares her views on body image, her love for Victoria's Secret and her lingerie pet peeves...La-Vie-Bike-Nicks_193web

Hi Shareefa, tell me about yourself -

I am a Curve model, originally from Norwich but I’m now living in London. About three years ago I went through a phase where I kept getting approached by photographers and modelling agents and also strangers on the street who were telling me I should model, so eventually I approached an agency and they signed me on the day and I have been modelling ever since.


How would you describe your style?

I would say I’m pretty flexible with my style; I don’t tend to stick with just one image or a particular colour palette. I love trying on different fabrics and shapes and finding out what suit me the most. At the moment I’m wearing a lot of shift dresses, I pair them with sandals and a hat for a really simple summer look.


Would you say your lingerie fits into you that style or do you like to express yourself differently or experiment underneath?

I experiment a lot with my outer-wear and I always select my underwear very carefully around my outfits so, yes, I would say its in-keeping with my style. I tend to buy new lingerie most months so I have quite a big collection! I have a real pet peeve for bra straps showing and wearing the wrong shape knickers with jeans so I have just about every style to suit whatever I’m wearing. I have this really handy bra converter; it helps hide your straps when wearing racer back tops.


What are your favourite fashion and lingerie designers/ brands?

My Favourite fashion designer is Chanel, I would shop there everyday if I could. For my lingerie, my number one brand has got to be Victoria's Secret. For me the fit is amazing and I think it's really important to have your lingerie fitting correctly - it really helps me to feel body confident when I know I'm supported!


What’s your favourite set of lingerie and why?

I love to mix and match my undies so It's hard to pick just one set! While I don't think you can go wrong with sexy and sophisticated black lace, right now I would have to pick my bright pink bralette from Victoria’s Secret. The colour is amazing!


What’s is your worst ever lingerie purchase?

The worst set of underwear I have ever purchased has to be when I was travelling abroad and forgot to pack any underwear in my suitcase so I ran into H&M and picked up the nearest pair I could find, when I arrived at the hotel and opened up the packet I realised I had bought kids undies aged six years!


How would you describe your body image?

I am very comfortable with my body; I embrace my curves, cellulite, stretch marks and all the things that society is forever telling us to hide as women! I think health is the most important thing. I am really into my nutrition and I have a vegetable juice or smoothie everyday and avoid high sugar and processed food. I go to the gym and practice yoga so I know I'm healthy and my body is how it's supposed to be.



Have you always been happy with your body?

I grew up as a chubby kid I was always teased about my size, but as I grew into my body I learned to appreciate my curves and now I wouldn't change them for the world.



Are there any words of wisdom you like to live your life by?

Be yourself because everybody else is taken.





Lingerie-la-femme-black-lace-halterneck-bra-victorias-secret-agent-p-get-the-look-02webFREE PEOPLE | ELOMI AT NAVABI | HANKY PANKYShareefa-model-on-instagram-web


In the studio w/ MISS CROFTON


Miss Crofton is the Lolita of the lingerie world.

The label, founded in 2008 by designer Georgia Campbell, is soft and romantic with a subtle sensuality.

All designs are handmade in her east London Studio, which is filled to the brim with candyfloss coloured elastic, delicate lace and floral fabrics. 

Read on for an exclusive insight in the the world of Miss Crofton..

How did it all start, there must be a story behind the name?

Everyone thinks it's my surname! It's actually the name of a street, 'Crofton Road' that I lived on when the business was born.  My roommate Katie and I would stay up late into the night sewing panties for our stall the next day.


What was your first stall like?

Out first stall was at Greenwhich. It was the first market we contacted and they were happy to have us. Our plan was to do it part-time in-between other jobs as a creative outlet and a bit of fun. Back then most of the panties were made from recycled fabrics so they had a very different look to them.  We also sold various other things like vintage scarfs and dresses.


It must be great having a stall and being able to meet your customers face to face?

Yeah, I do think I’m lucky to have that. It’s great seeing the people who purchase our designs and hearing their feedback. A lot of our customers love how our designs are girly (and maybe even a little innocent looking) whilst still being sexy. I work hard to perfect the shape of my sets. so even when the fabric is really pastel and girly, the cut is still flattering and seductive.



"Miss Crofton came about organically. It was never pre-planned. My obsession grew into a business"


Do you have a typical type of customer?

Not at all. I thought my main customer base would be young women (like 18-30 year olds) due to the nature of my brand but I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the variety of people who visit our stall.  Of course, most of the time it’s women. Though we do get the odd boyfriend getting a gift for this girlfriend, but that’s rare - I understand buying lingerie from an open stall can be a little off putting for most men.

Our size range is generous so we have women of all ages, shapes and sizes buy from us. On the stall we do Small (UK 8-10), Medium (10-12) and Large (12-14) but online we do a wider size range.


Who is your ideal celebrity customer?

That’s easy. I would pick Chloe Sevigny. She has a natural, interesting beauty. And she’s sexy. Women with style and beauty inspire me. Beauty to me isn’t just about appearance but also the person’s persona and the way they present themselves.


What Inspires each collection?

I don’t tend to work in seasonal collections. I produce pieces as and when I like. Thankfully lingerie isn’t restricted by seasons or trends - There’s no reason a sheer pink bra purchased in the summer months can’t still work in the winter. Also, as all my lingerie is handmade and I don’t have to rely on factory cycles. I can buy the fabric one week, sell the finished item wholesale the next and have it in a shop by the third week. I like the fast turnaround. I’m constantly putting up new sets on the website -  it keeps things new and fresh.



What would you say inspires each piece?  

Many different components can inspire each creation but often it starts with the fabric. There are so many great fabric shops in London that I’m spoilt for choice. I love sheer fabrics, soft tulle and chiffon. I’m infatuated with peach and pastel tones, so a delicate lace in the right shade can really inspire me! Sometimes I develop new sets with a specific customer in mind. I get inspired by people - their tastes, their style, their persona or their work. I have previously designed a few items for an artist I love called Arvida Bystrom. She didn’t commission me, I was just so inspired by her look, her art and what she does that I developed a set that I imagined she would wear... I guess you could say she was a muse.


Do you have any favourite fashion designers?

Yes, Valentino is my favourite designer. I love romantic, flowing and sheer garments and I feel Valentino’s designs are just so beautiful. Another designer I love is Simone Rocha. I particularly love her SS15 collection with the 3D floral appliqués on sheer fabric. This is definitely something I’m experimenting with, I love the movement of the petals and I certainly think it is something that would translate well into lingerie.



What has been your biggest career moment so far?

I don’t feel there’s been just one BIG moment. There are lots of seemingly big challenges and achievements when running your own business - they’re just all so different. It’s hard to name just one, I pretty much have a moment every week.

Having said that, getting my stuff into Urban Outfitters was pretty rewarding. It was a massive order and incredibly hard work but once it was all packed up and shipped we were so relieved.

Also last week some of my stuff was featured in Vogue, which was pretty amazing. The editorial was styled by Jane How and they used quite a few sets, which we are so happy about.



What is next for the label?

Lots of things, it’s an exciting time. I feel that the brand is still developing so there are lots of new things I’d like to pursue. At the moment I’m having a look into outsourcing manufacturing. I want to be able to produce lots more beautiful sets but I also want to keep Miss Crofton as a Made In The UK brand. That’s really important to me.

Another plan is to develop underwire bras, I think it would take Miss Crofton to the next level and I’d love to be able to offer my customers a bra that is both supportive and beautiful. Lastly I would like to work on more collaborations. Possibly with a print designer, to produce a limited range of swimwear. We have a lot of requests for swimwear so it’s certainly something I’m looking at.


Do you have any words of advice to aspiring lingerie designers?

Keep going. That’s the main thing. Starting a new brand is so difficult and it takes a lot of time. For the first 3 -4 years my devotion was constantly tested but you’ve just got to keep to your vision and stick with it.


To find out more about Miss Crofton take a look at our Pinterest board. You can also visit the website or stop by their established stall on Broadway Market, East London. They are there every Saturday from 9-5.





Tell me about yourself?

I’m a 24-year-old actress/model, born and raised in Cheshire, England. My main work is television commercials and beauty modelling. I’ve recently done a campaign with Maybelline and I’m often seen smiling, a little cheesily, on the front magazines. My aspiration in life is to become a successful actress and to do Hollywood films, but mainly just to be as happy as I can be by surrounding myself with good people. I love to hang out with friends at new and quirky bars in London or go to the gym and take nice walks in the park. I really enjoy the simple things.


How would you describe your style?

Some days I would describe it as “L.A sporty”, a relaxed but still maintained look - I like to appear as though I’m not trying to hard. However, other days I’d describe my style as “Kim Kardashion on a budget”. I’m a curvy girl and when I dress up I like to accentuate my assets! I tend to wear fitted outfits that create a great silhouette and then layer with a simple long jacket to keep the look sleek and chic.


Would you say your lingerie fits into that style?

Yes. When I’m on jobs or castings I tend to wear neat flesh tones and plain knickers, maybe with a little lace on the bum. I definitely don’t wear anything see-through! But when I’m on my days off I go a little crazy with colours and fabrics. I like bright sets with matching thongs or brazilian knickers. I prefer brazillian knickers to any other style; they are by far the most flattering!


And how about your swimwear?

My swimwear is colourful too but I tend to choose a design that gives me the least strap marks as possible.


Do you have a favourite set of lingerie?

I love really ‘wow’ colours and my favourite bra is a neon pink VS Pink bralette. It’s a push up bra so it creates a great cleavage and, as there are no wires, it’s really comfortable too. The quality is great and it has multiple straps at the front so the design is a little sexier and different.


How do you feel about your body image?

I feel very comfortable with my body image, I’m a curvy size 10 girl and I enjoy the shape I am! I now know what clothes and lingerie suit my body type and I go with it. My hobby is the gym - without it I wouldn’t be able to maintain a healthy figure, as I love my food too much!


What do you think makes a woman sexy?

I believe its confidence and a smile! It’s always a winner. I always say if a woman walks into a room with those two things every head will turn… guaranteed.


Is there a quote or saying you like to live by?

"move.. nourish.. believe" :)

La-vie-en-lingerie-jessica-simpson-lingerie-and-commercial-model-hughes-agency-london-interview-pink-05 get-the-look get-the-look-bright-summer-colourful-bralet-lace-softcup-01










Eva is as a free spirit and full time model, using her career to travel the globe. From Covent Garden and catwalks of London fashion week, to photo-shoots on the beaches of Mexico and South America, to partying in the nightclubs of Eastern Europe and Ibiza… her travel itinerary is never-ending. Here Eva shares her lust for life, travel and lingerie...


Hi Eva, tell me about yourself:

Well, I’m a model signed to Leni’s Models here in London. I’m currently living in Covent Garden with my friend who’s also a model. I’m originally from the Czech Republic and have only been in London for a couple of months. I usually only stay in a country for about 3months before moving on but I love London so much… I’m tempted to stay a little longer. There is so much to do here! I recently went to Madame Butterfly at the Royal Opera House, I thought it was going to be dull but I pushed myself to try it and it was actually very good. I’d recommend reading the program first though, they sing in Italian so, unless you can understand Italian, you’ll need to know what’s going on beforehand!

la-vie-en-lingerie-portrait-eva-p-lenis-models-05How would you describe your style?

Casual and maybe a little boyish. I live out of my suitcase so I tend to wear a lot of black and neutral colours, I need select items that go together easily and colours just complicate things. I love All Saints in London, it’s simple essentials but innovative. If I could wear anything I’d love to own Balmain and Alexander McQueen. Alexander McQueen is my favourite designer. I’ve been to his Savage Beauty exhibition but I would love to go again.


Would you say your lingerie fits into that style?

Yes, I love simple but innovative bras, like ones with nice backs. I don’t usually wear push up bras or anything, just simple everyday bras with a difference. Obviously I have some sexier, lacier, black ‘bedroom lingerie’ but it’s not something I wear right now.


And how about your swimwear?

Yes, I love crochet bikinis - I have the same one in back and cream. Thats all I have, I don't like printed fabrics or the neon bikinis that seem to be in fashion at the moment.


Do you have a favourite set of lingerie?

Yes, at the moment it's a grey and black set from Oysho. Its a simple soft triangle bra and Brazilian knickers with a little bit of black lace around the edges. I actually wore it when I did my Polaroids with Lenis.


How do you feel about your body image?

I'm happy with my body. I do a lot of sport so it helps me to stay in shape and stay positive. I try everything - yoga, kickboxing, climbing .... I want to try new things in every country I visit and thats includes my workouts.

la-vie-en-lingerie-portrait-eva-p-lenis-models-08What do you think makes a woman sexy?

Intelligence of course! .... and a great smile.


Is there a quote or saying you like to live by?

"Never forget where you came from." la-vie-en-lingerie-portrait-eva-p-lenis-models-10

HAIR & MAKE-UP | Julia Wren using MAC and Davines




get-the-look-black-bodysuits-highstreet-fleur-du-mal-nude-label-02LACE BODYSUIT FLEUR DU MAL | CUT OUT BRA AND KNICKERS THE NUDE LABEL | BODYSUIT H&M






Jada is an incredibly popular plus-size model with 30K Instagram followers. She starred in the well known 'Curves Illustrated' shoot for SwimsuitsForAll and in her spare time runs her own blog and gives speeches on empowerment. Here Jada shares her style, her inspirations and her penchant for Parkour...


Hi Jada, tell me about yourself:

I'm 25 and from London. I'm a full-time model with Models 1 and I was the face of London's first ever plus-size fashion show.  I've been working in New York for the past year but I'm back in London for a while. I wanted to spend some time with my family and I'm looking forward to doing some Parkour. There is a centre I go to in Greenwich, its incredible fun and such a great workout!


How would you describe your style?

Contemporary elegance with a rock and roll edge. For me it is all about the fit. My favourite designers are Alexander Wang and Helmut Lang. J-brand also produce some great wardrobe staples. Although at the moment I'm mostly just wearing my Nike trainers, some sports leggings, a simple top and a leather jacket.


Would you say your lingerie fits into that style?

My lingerie doesn't tend to fit in with my everyday aesthetic. I love black and sexier lingerie. I wear a lot of La Perla, Pour Moi? and Boux Avenue. My lingerie style is more of a classic sexy look. I would prefer to buy edgier lingerie but it's so hard to find any brands like that in my size.


And how about your swimwear?

I have to admit finding swimwear to my taste is quite hard to find. My favourite bikini is a Pour Moi black halterneck with tie side bikini bottoms.


Do you have a favourite set of lingerie?

My Boux Avenue bodysuit, its gives me an amazing silhouette! I love the moulded cups and it really pulls in my waist. My dream set of lingerie would be something strappy, sexy but still supportive. It would be innovative and push design boundaries.


How do you feel about your body image?

Like every girl I have my hang-up days but I try to listen to my body. You've got to learn to fall in love with your body without feeling the need to conform to anybody else's standards. I think it's great that there seems to be a plus-size trend at the moment, plus-size models are booking the bigger jobs and gaining quite a lot of followers. It's expanding awareness of the media's restrictive beauty standards. When I was growing up there where hardly any plus-size stores, lines or celebrities I could relate to - Now there are so are many plus-size models out there, all different shapes and sizes. It's something I'm really passionate about, in my spare time I give talks at Hubdot events to empower women.


What do you think makes a woman sexy?

Great underwear of course. And a well suited style - knowing how to dress... If you know how to dress yourself well it showing that you appreciate and understand your body.


Do you have a favourite quote?

"Be yourself because everybody else is taken".


And 3 things you couldn't live without?

Family. My phone. Chocolate.













Anna is a lingerie and fitness model who has worked with a variety of brands from the much coveted Gilda & Pearl to the world renowned Rigby & Peller. An ex-swimmer turned lingerie model, Anna has also launched her own swimwear label Beach Heart.


Here Anna discusses her life, her style and her swimwear obsession...


Hi Anna, tell me about yourself:

Hi, I'm a full time model signed to First Model Management. Over the past two years I've worked with a number of lingerie brands from Gilda & Pearl to Rigby & Peller. I'm originally from the Lake District and I didn't always plan to get into modelling. I have a degree in english so I went into marketing for a couple of years before I got scouted. Now I love my job, everyday is different! and one day I'd like to progress into presenting and acting too.

1103webHow would you describe your style?

My style is basic, uncomplicated. I wear a lot of denim and black, a pair of jeans and a shirt - that kind of thing. In the summer I love wearing playsuits as you can just throw them on and go.  My favourite high street shops are Zara, Reiss and Whistles and Calvin Klein is my favourite designer, he epitomizes my aesthetic.


Would you say your lingerie fits into that style or do you like to express yourself differently underneath?

Its a little sexier but not too much. I don't anything with a lot of padding but I do like silk and lace lingerie. A lacy triangle bra or comfortable silk balconette bra are the sorts of underwear I go for.

174webAnd how about your swimwear?

My swimwear is a lot more playful! I love prints and colourful bikinis, I'm pretty obsessed with swimwear. My favourite piece is a red plunging halter neck swimsuit that I designed myself, along with my sister Heather, for our own swimwear label Beach Heart. It's simple, not padded and really flattering. We design our own prints and incorporate all out favourite elements into our swimwear such as tie side knickers, cut outs and halter necks etc... I love going to Ibiza and also hope to go back to the Maldives, where I spent my honeymoon. Me and Heather both love travelling and holidays so it seemed natural for us to go into launching our own swimwear label.


Do you have a favourite set of lingerie?

It really depends on my mood. I change my mind a lot! I guess if I had to pick one I would choose my Victoria's Secret nude strapless bra, its comfortable and I seem to be wearing it a lot at the moment.


How do you feel about your body image?

I'm happy with my figure. As a model you really have to be comfortable with yourself. You'll go to one job and they'll say you're too small and then you'll go to another and they'll say your too big. You can't please everybody! It's better to just be happy, look after yourself and don't give in to the pressure of people wanting you to look a certain way. I have sweet tooth and don't deny myself treats when I want them. I do a lot of fitness modelling which involves exercising for a long time under bright lights, and I run mosts days, so my lifestyle it keeps me fit.


What do you think makes a woman sexy? 

A sense of humour is sexy on anybody, man or woman. It's great when somebody doesn't take themselves too seriously.


black-balconette-lingerie-bra-la-perla-stella-mccartney-calvin-kleinLA PERLA | STELLA MCCCARTNEY | CALVIN KLEIN

swimwear-anna-clough-beach-heart-vix BEACH HEART | I.D SARRIERI | BEACH HEART VIX 




Joss is a curve model signed to Milk Model Management. An ex-student now full-time lingerie model working with international lingerie brands such as Illusion Lingerie (Mexico), ASOS and Simply Be. Here Joss discusses her life, her style, and the sexiest traits a woman can possess...



Hi Joss, tell me about yourself:

I’m Mexican and I’ve been modelling now for about seven months. I actually got spotted on Facebook… I guess they must have liked my profile picture! Originally I thought it was a scam but they were persistent. After talking (A LOT) with the agency and discussing it with my parents I decided to make the move to Mexico City and give it a go. So far I’ve travelled to New York, Miami and now London for work

How would you describe your style?

My style is quite casual; lots of denim cut offs, t-shirts – that kind of thing. I like to keep my wardrobe fun and have a lot of colour, bold prints and variety. Jeremy Scott is my favourite designer and I would love to own anything by him!


Would you say your lingerie fits into that style or do you like to express yourself differently underneath?

My lingerie is sexier! I love black lingerie and lace. It depends on what mood I’m in though. I love the cute lingerie sets you find in Victoria’s Secret too, I have so many of them.


And how about your swimwear?

I have a lot of swimwear! At the moment I love my black swimsuit, it’s got a low scoop back and high cut leg so its super sexy without being too revealing.


Do you have a favourite set of lingerie?

No.... It's impossible! If I have to narrow it down I would say one of my pink sets - My favourite colour is pink.

la-vie-Life-in-lingerie-real-beauty-model-joss-corona-milk-models-06How do you feel about your body image?

I love my body, my body is normal. Curves are celebrated in Mexico so I've never had any bad feelings about my weight. I think its important people love their shape no matter what size they are. I focus on what I do like about my body - my boobs and curves, rather than obsessing over what I don't.


What do you think makes a woman sexy? 

Its all about personality, if a woman is happy, confident and unafraid to be herself - thats sexy. But also good hair!

la-vie-Life-in-lingerie-real-beauty-model-joss-corona-milk-models-05HAIR & MAKE-UP BY: JESSICA SIMPSONget-the-lookvictoria's-secret-knickers-panties-1


black-white-crochet-high-leg-swimsuit-swimwear-dolce-and-gabbanaNORMA KAMALI | NORMA KAMALI DOLCE & GABBANAMELISSA ODABASH




Tess is a full time model and self-confessed Sapiosexual. Here she shares her style, life and much loved lingerie…



Hi Tess, tell me about yourself:

I’m a full time model currently signed with Leni’s model management, I’ve been modelling for just over a year now and I love it! My mother was a model so it felt like a natural decision. We entered a mother & daughter modelling competition in Paris for Comptoir des Cotonniers, I enjoyed it so much I decided to go into it full time. Natalia Vodianova is my favourite supermodel, she incredibly beautiful and a great role model – she founded the Naked Heart Foundation.


How would you describe your style?

Clean and sophisticated - with a bit of an edge. Monochrome pieces are essential for my wardrobe! I don’t wear a lot colour so I prefer to experiment with the cut and texture of a garment. My go to brands are Zadig & Voltaire and The Kooples. I love their aesthetic.


Would you say your lingerie fits into that style or do you like to express yourself differently underneath?

It would say it fits - I love sexy sophisticated lingerie. I wear a lot of La Perla, their soft bras are incredible. Although, as a model, I do tend to live in strapless nude bras and thongs!


And how about your swimwear?

I travel a lot with work so I really invest in my swimwear. I’m been fortunate to travel to some amazing places so it’s only right I have a great bikini to match. I particularly love Missoni prints and neon bikinis – pretty much the opposite of my outerwear look.


 Do you have a favorite set of lingerie?

Yes, my red La Perla set. Its sexy and I love the tie side knickers… My lingerie draw pretty much only consists of black and red lingerie.


How do you feel about your body image?

I’m happy with my body. I used to be a dancer so I’ve always kept in shape. When you push your body through dance or exercise, you start to appreciate your body for what it can do as well as what it looks like.


Do you have any words of advice to aspiring models?

Its more difficult and definitely not as glamorous than you imagine. But if you put in the hard work, the rewards are amazing!

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swimwear-missoni-neon-print-bikiniETRO | MISSONI | MARA HOFFMAN



Interview: Nubian Skin


Tell me about Nubian Skin?

Nubian Skin is a lingerie and hosiery brand for women of colour.  It’s a pretty simple concept, but I believe it’s much needed.  It’s allowing women of colour access to basic undergarments that all other women enjoy.


What made you want to take the plunge and start your own business?

I studied Economics and English for my undergraduate degree and studied Finance and Development during my masters, so it wasn’t a big surprise that the majority of my career since 2007 has been finance focussed.  Despite this, I’ve known ever since I was a teenager that I would eventually want to be an entrepreneur.  In 2011 when I came up with the concept of Nubian Skin, I knew that I would have to see it through, it just took me a few more years to get there.  Ultimately there were two things that made me take the plunge.  Firstly, I couldn’t shake the idea, and secondly, I received a card from a good friend, which said “It’s time to start living the life you’ve always imagined”, and that was the push I needed.


When you were designing, did you have a particular customer in mind? 

I really did have in mind all women of colour when I was coming up with the range.  I thought about what she would want, what were her basic needs.  In essence, I imagined her to be a bit like me.  Fashion conscious, determined, not willing to settle…wanting everything to be just the way she wants with her look.


Are there any celebrities you feel would be the perfect brand ambassador for Nubian Skin and why?

Well we’ve had a few amazing women tweet about us, and that’s been amazing! Kerry Washington, Thandie Newton, Beverley Knight.  My current girl crush is Lupita N’yongo, so I’d just about die if I knew she was a fan of the brand.  


 What is next for Nubian Skin? Any exciting plans?

We launch our hosiery at the end of the month, so we are incredibly excited!!!! We also plan to have our first London concession soon, but I can’t give you details, you’ll have to wait and see!!











La Vie En Lingerie: Shree Patel


Shree is a full time model living in London. She is signed to Leni's model management, has a degree in Criminology and Phycology and has spent the last 7months travelling the world. Here she shares more info on her life, her style and her most coveted lingerie...


Hi Shree, Tell me about yourself:

Hi, I'm from north London and currently working as a full time model. I've recently just come back from 7months of travelling, It was amazing and I had so much fun! I travelled through South American and visited my cousin in New York. I'm just finding my feet at the moment and savouring life. Modelling doesn't last forever so I'm just enjoying the ride while it lasts!



How would you describe your style?

Simple. No Fuss. I love black and white! - I rarely wear any colours. I hardly ever wear skirts or dresses either.To me a great outfit is a just a simple t-shirt, jeans and a blazer. I love my blazers - It's essential to have a good oversized blazer!


Would you say your lingerie fits into that style or do you like to express yourself differently underneath?

Yes and no! Most of the time I'd say yes, simple black lingerie is my favourite and white goes really well with my skin tone - but occasionally I do like to experiment with a little more colour underneath. I tend to gravitate towards simple and comfortable lingerie - no padding, no wires, no stockings-and-suspender-belts. Miss-matched underwear is fine by me too. American Apparel and Calvin Klein are the perfect brands for me.


And how about your Swimwear?

oh no, When it comes to swimwear I break all the rules! I tan so easily and often find nothing beats a good neon bikini to really show it off.


Shree_model_lingerie_real_beauty_web03Do you have a favourite set of Lingerie?

I can't say I have a favourite set but I do have a favourite brand - I'm obsessed with For Love and Lemons! They're stuff is exactly my style - simple but sexy. I update my lingerie draw every couple of months so it would be impossible for me to choose just one set.


How do you feel about your body image?

I'm happy with my figure to an extent. I'm naturally slim so when I was younger I used to think that maybe I was too skinny. I would have loved to have more curves! But as i've got older I've become a lot more comfortable with myself.


Are there any words of Wisdom you live your life by?

"Everything happens for a reason".



get-the-looklingerie-edit-elle-and-cee-yasmin-eslami-white-black ELLE AND CEE                                                                                                               YASMIN ESLAMI

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